Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Promise Camp

Today was United Way's Day of Caring and a group of us from the YPO volunteered at Promise Camp. It is a camp in the middle of nowhere where they take at risk kids (likely ones who have a parent or two in jail) and mentor them. Since summer is pretty much over, the camp needed to be winterized so that was our job. We started out by putting the cover on the pool which was nowhere near as hard as they made it sound. After that we took all of the mattresses out of the cabins and moved them into one cabin that had real walls and not just screens. After that we had to seal the amphitheater (a deck with wooden benches around it) with Pittsburgh Paints sealant. That did not really go over so well since no of us ever did anything like that before... Finally it was time for lunch, we had fried chicken, pasta salad, and corn bread. After lunch we watched a movie about the camp and then I slit some wood with an axe. That was probably my favorite job of the day. It was a good day and the people at the camp seemed really appreciative.

Tonight I went to go see Meem and took her to Charlie's Ice Cream in Monroeville. She liked it. Check it out if you are ever around...good place.

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