Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mt. Washington Parks Suck

Yesterday I decided to go check out the Grand View Scenic Byway Park that I've been hearing a lot about lately. There are three main parks on Mt. Washington, Grand View Park, Olympia Park, and Mt. Washington Park. I guess eventually these are all going to be one big park but that is not the case now, they are scattered all over and not really that great.

I did get to see Chatham Village which I learned about in the Urban Studies class I took at Pitt. It was really cool and hard to believe a place like this was developed in the 1930s! Here is a picture of on of the courtyards:

and here is a picture of a light with a street sign attached.

In Grand View Park, they were building a new overlook so that part to the park was roped off. This was probably my favorite (loosely speaking) park on Mt. Washington.

Here is a set of the ever famous Pittsburgh stairs.

I thought this picture provided a nice contrast:

More on the parks:
It took me about 10 minutes to check out Grand View Park so I looked at the map and realized I should probably drive to the next park. I was trying to get to Mt. Washington Park but ended up in Olympia Park. There is not much to say about this park, a bunch of stuff for kids and a couple sports fields. According to Google Maps it looked like it was possible to walk to Mt. Washington Park from there (which is was but not the way it took me.) I specifically asked for walking directions and it took me down to route 51 and wanted me to walk along the road where there were no side walks. I turned around and tried again by just looking at the map. I ended up finding the park and all it ended up being was this old abandoned looking path through the woods.

After that I decided to go to Foodland and pickup a few things that I needed. Then I went to see Angela. I picked up some beer for us at this place called Packs and Dogs. It was one of those places I've hear about that let your create your own six packs. They had over 90 different kinds of beer to pick from. Unfortunately, I just got Miller Lite but am looking forward to trying this place out some time soon for better beer. I also got a hot dog there (that was like a Chicago Dog) and it was pretty good.

Also yesterday I got an email confirming the start of fall kick ball through Pittsburgh Sports League that I am going to play this year with Erin from downstairs. I'm looking forward to playing and meeting some new people. Looks like I'll be playing on Wednesday evenings in Mt. Washington at Dilworth Field in Mt. Washington Park! haha.

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