Friday, September 25, 2009

In the Middle of G-20

Today I rode my bik e Downtown to check things out.  Since the roads in Schenley Park were closed I had to go down Forbes through Oakland.  They even had the statues at the Carnegie Museum covered!

From Oakland, I went down the "jail trail" to Downtown.  There were no issues there, I made it right in to town without any trouble.  I did see the military barricade of the Grant Street exit on the way  When I got on to Grant, it was really strange, here I am on Downtown Pittsburgh's "Main Street" at rush hour and there are no cars.  The only thing around were busses and a lot of them.  I was basically able to ride down the middle of any road, stop my bike in the middle and take pictures.  We are talking on roads like Grant, Boulevard of the Allies. and Liberty Ave!  Here you can see there is no mad rush to leave the city:

Next I headed down towards PPG which looked like a military zone.  It was by far one of the most blocked of buildings (besides the convention center itself) in the city.  There was a fence the entire way around the complex complete with barbed wire on top, this was the only barbed wire I saw anywhere including at the secure checkpoints.  Also notice the military vehicle passing by:

At this point I started to notice that there was horse shit everywhere all around Downtown but no horses to be found.  Next I headed to about deserted:

I noticed a bunch of cops protecting the Starbucks.  Haha, I know how much protesters hate Startbucks!

I thought this sign was pretty creative:

Here was a small peaceful protest...nothing interesting here really:

Here you can see me riding down Liberty behind two bike cops.  Also notice the army of cops.  You will see towards the end of the video I am approaching a protest at the blocked off convention center:

Next there were these crazy 4/20 people, sorry the video is not longer:

There was this one dude on one of those really tall bikes and the one 4/20 guy was like "This dude is higher than all of us!"

These were all the cops that were lined up and marching out every so often.  People kept walking up and taking their pictures right in front of them:

This was pretty funny, this crazy guy was preaching about abortion to a bunch of people them some radome dude with a Terrible Towel says "Let's go Steelers" and everyone forgot about the abortion guy:

Here is me in front of the cops:

This did not look very welcoming to me:

Here were the barricades that surrounded the convention center...there were a lot of these all over:

Next I headed into Market Square.  My favorite place to buy coffee beans was boarded up like a lot of places were...again, not very welcoming at all.  I was surprised though by the number of businesses that were open, good for them!

Also, I'm not sure why Port Authority kept saying busses were good, just look at this line of non-moving busses.  I would be so pissed if I was on one of these busses:

Grant Street was in total lockdown:

Looks like the Hilton finally did get that banner up this was also the first point in the night were I got rained on:

At this point I was pretty much done Downtown, but I wanted to go back through Lawrenceville because of the huge protest I saw on the news earlier.   Getting through Strip was not easy though.  I had to take the Clemente Bridge to the North Side and then the 16th Street bridge back over to the Strip.  Look at Smallman Street!!

I finally did make it to Lawrenceville and saw the tail end of the protest, things were wrapping up:

That was pretty much it, I started raining again once I passed Children's but didn't last too long.  After a long uphill trip back home that was it.

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Scott said...

"Welcome to our boarded up economic miracle. It has been a pleasure showing you our finest."