Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy G-20!

and update since last Wednesday!

Last Wednesday night was our second kickball game. We did not do nearly as good as we did the week before, as a matter of fact, we lost 0-10! They even cut the game off early because we lost so bad. I got to kick once and my kick was crappy. The infamous kickball blogger had this to say about us:
6. Gray (3) 1-1 Down 3. If this league were the mighty ducks, you'd be Charlie Conway. You know what you're supposed to do, you recognize the importance of situations, yet you continually blow it when it counts. Just like they called him Spazzway, maybe we will call the Gray team the Spazzgrays.

Thursday I went house hunting with Gary. We went all over the place. The houses I liked best were in Lawrenceville and Friendship. The ones in Friendship were brand new but only had one bedroom and were pretty expensive. They were however right on Penn Avenue. This part of Penn is kinda run down right now but I have a feeling it will be getting better shortly due to Children's being so close. The Lawrenceville house was right on Liberty not far from Church Brew Works. The house had a detached large garage, a new addition that is all kitchen with new stainless appliances, and had a crazy shower in the bathroom that was huge. It even had one of those rain things where water "rains" out of the ceiling. I still ahve to go look at more houses but that is on hold until next week do to G-20. This week, I need to get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Friday I had dinner with Meg and Justin at Green Mango in Monroeville. It was pretty good and lived up to the hype. After that I hung out at there place for a while then came home to watch a movie.

Saturday, Shawn was in town so I hung out with him a little during the early part of the day. After he went home I did a little shopping and that was about it.

Sunday I went to Ben's for the Steelers game. They looked terrible and we lost.

That brings us to this week. I went to work yesterday and worked in Monroeville today. I do not have to go in for the rest of the week due to G-20. The entire PPG GO (almost) will be working from home! I plan on going Downtown sometime on Thursday maybe to check things out. I can't pass it up, just too curious.

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