Thursday, September 24, 2009

G-20 so far

Well yesterday was a pretty eventful day for my team since everyone at GO was working from home.  The day turned out to be better than I thought it would.  Having lunch in Squirrel Hill is also great.  I went to the bank, bought a cupcake, got lunch, and bought eggs and was back home in less than my hour lunch break.  I could get used to getting all that done on my lunch break!

I went to the gym at 5 yesterday thinking driving Downtown at that time would be a little crazy but not too bad considering the circumstances...well There was no traffic at all.  I got Downtown in 5 minutes and when I went to park, I was almost the only car on the whole 4th floor of the garage!  It was pretty nice!  Downtown was all boarded up and there were armies of cops everywhere as well as big fences put up.  This is so stupid.  Then on my way home on Panther Hollow Road in Schenly Park, they put up these black fences all over the place and on both sides of the road.  I was in the right land and all of a sudden the fence starts moving in on me forcing two lanes of traffic into one.  There was no sign warning me of this, and there was another car to my left!  Luckily, I avoided the car and merged over, but WTF?

Last night we had a practice kickball game against our sister team at Arsenal Field we only got to play 4 innings because it was getting dark, but it was still fun.  Wednesday lost :-(  After that we went to Mario's for trivia night.  I must say even though I hate that place, it was not bad at all during the week.  I had a good time and got to meet a lot of people.  While we were there, there were these huge police motorcades that kept going up and down Carson that were, no lie, 20 SUVs long...what a fucking waste...  I'm glad I knew about the black fence being on Panther Hollow on the way home because now that it was dark, you could not see the fence.  I bet there were some people who either crashed into or scrapped their car on the fence last night.  Way to go Secret Service...

Today I will be riding my bike into Downtown.  Hopefully it will be worth it.  I will have my camera with me so check back for pictures later tonight or tomorrow.

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