Friday, August 21, 2009

Storm Watchin'

I just got done watching a documentary on WQED that was about things by the rivers around Pittsburgh. It was part of the Pittsburgh History Series which I love. My dad and I started watching these probably when I was in high school and I've liked them ever since. Now that it's over I thought I'd come out on the porch to watch the rain a little bit. I love sitting on the porch when it is raining/storming (as long as I'm not getting wet,) there's just something about it that is relaxing and peaceful.

This week was a pretty decent week. Monday after work I went to Greensburg to see Brian, one of my old high school friends that I haven't seen in years. It was good to see him and my old buddy Calvin (his dog.) We went to Dino's, our old high school hang out for wing night, just like the old days. This time was a little different though because we did not have to wait in line for a table, we sat right at the bar :-) I had my favorite Slicker wings along with some honey mustard and Louis (hotter than hot.) They are just as good as I remember them. We went back to Brian's and hung out for a little longer then I left and stopped in to see the rents on the way home and even got some Kerber's ice cream for the first time this summer. mmmmmm.

Tuesday I worked in Monroeville and worked from home for the rest of the day. Since I was home I decided to go to Sandcastle for a while. It was great because there was hardly anyone there. It is packed on the weekends when I can normally go. I did some work there by responding to some emails on my phone. Believe it or not, Sandcastle has free WiFi! That night I drove to Gold's to try out their free parking. That garage is crazy! They have these spiral things that you have to drive up and down, I thought I was going to scrape the whole side of my car on. I think that will be the last time I drive the Mustang there. I don't know how people with SUVs do it. While I was there I was on this elliptical that you could plug your earphones in to and watch your own personal TV. That was pretty cool, There was also a connection for your iPod and I was not happy that it did not accept the iPhone. O well, cool machine either way. There are a couple other cardio machines there that look cool and I want to try as well.

Last night I went to the River's Casino with Erin. The place is pretty nice. The only thing that sucks is you have to buy your own drinks, WTF? The place was pretty nice and they had free parking. The signs to get you out of the Casino on the other hand were terrible. I am usually pretty good about knowing where I am going, but I decided to follow the signs even though I thought they were pointing me in a strange direction... We ended up going across the West End Bridge and had to turn right away from where we wanted to go. After I drove about a mile, I finally found somewhere to turn around but then ran into more construction and had to turn in another wrong direction. All the while there were terribly placed signs for Downtown. We finally made it over the the Fort Pitt Bridge and were then on the Parkway back home. Geeze!

Tomorrow I am planning on leaving work early to go visit Shawn at his new place in Mansfield Ohio. He said there is a pool at his apartment so I am hoping it does not rain. I am looking forward to laying there and hanging out for a while in the sun. Also, he said there is pretty much as many chain restaurants as you could want but no bars. The closest thing they have to a bar is Applebee's...should be interesting! No sure how long I'm going to stay in Ohio, we'll see how it goes I guess.

Works been going good. Supposedly there are going to be a number of projects coming up that I am going to be involved in. It's going to be an interesting next couple of months, but I'm looking forward to it.

At this point, the rain is slowing down and I think I have nothing else to write.

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