Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Low Key Weekend, Interesting Monday

This weekend was rather low key. I did not really go out. Friday I went to the mall after work, came home, watched a movie, and was asleep by 11:30. Saturday I went to the rents to help my mom make bow-ties for the Ferrara family reunion next weekend. I stopped to see Jackie while I was in Irwin too. After that I went to check out the big hole in Norwin Hills Shopping Center...crazy! After that I headed to the Ville to watch the Steelers game at Megan and Justin's. There were a bunch of people there and it was cool but for some crazy reason I was tired. After the game and came home and was pretty much in bed by 11:30 again!

Yesterday mom and dad came over to my place to continue making cookies. We made pizzelles, lemon biscotti and chocolate-orange biscotti. Here is a picture of the chocolate-orange:

After they left I went to the gym, came home, took care of a few things, and that was about it for my weekend.

Today I went to work. This is the second week in a row that Jason is not there...must be nice. After work I decided to go check out the new Allegheny branch of the Carnegie Library. It was okay and I ended up getting a DVD:

After the library, I took a little walk around the neighborhood to take some pictures before reading in Allegheny Commons by Lake Elizabeth:
The Garden Theater is an old porno theater taken over by the Urban Redevelopment Authority a few years ago.

Cool ceiling in the vestibule of Allegheny General

Painted Building

View of Downtown (and my work) from Arch Street

I also saw the condo (that I previously saw online) that I really liked. The place is called Palo Alto North Condominiums. It is right on North Avenue in the Mexican War Streets section, right across from Allegheny Commons! The only thing that is keeping me from jumping on that place is there is no garage, and trust me, there is no way I could leave my car parked on the street in that neighborhood...o well. The search goes on for my perfect place...


Girl With Camera said...

I love the North Side!

Kari Anne said...

PS That is NOT a painted building! That is RANDYLAND! I actually met Randy waiting underground for the T downtown and he was telling me all about it. I thought he was crazy and out of his mind... but he wasn't! Look!


Nick said...

@Kari Cool, thanks for letting me know. I was wandering what that place was.