Friday, August 28, 2009

The Bucs Defeat the Phillys

These weeks keep flying by. I can't believe I already had my third week back at work! School seems like it was so long ago. Monday I did some much needed grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and Right by Nature. I was pissed because I bought a red onion from Right by nature and it was rotten inside. This was the second time this happened with a red onion from there. All of there other produce is always awesome. Also, I got these really good Vietnamese sesame crêpes at Trader Joe's.

Tuesdee I went to Anne's house for dinner with ZQ and her kids. I was trying to show Christian how to do handstands. I realized that learning to do hand stands was the best thing I learned all summer! :-)

Wedsdee I went to Rivers to sign up for the River's Edge Player's Club since the line was so long when I went with Erin last week. I cycled $8 through the machines and ended up breaking even. The best part of the night was reading out by the river, that was nice.

Tonight I went to the Pirate's game with Pony and two of his friends. Traffic was crazy and so was will call! I got there way before them since I new how to get around the traffic (should have called and told them how to as well.) I parked at the casino and walked over since they have free parking. I ended up going to SoHo for a drink while I was waiting and saw Lauren's bartender friend who used to work at Bar Room. Pony finally made it, we waited in the will call line and got in. By the time we got in the free T-shirts were gone, but we got a rain check for them:

How cool is that? The Pirates are going to mail me my free shirt! I never knew they did that, cool! We next waited in line for beer and then again for food. I think we made it to our seats around the fourth inning or so. The whole time we were there the score was 1-2 Philly but in the 8th inning, the Pirates hit a 2 run homer and that sealed the deal for us.

Something happened at the game that made me feel old...there were these kids there from Philly who were probably in late elementary school or so and we were talking Pennsylvania sports for a little while. We told them that the Pirates were not good since we were there age. They said "was that when Roberto Clemente played?" WTF??!! I know I'm old, but come on!

When I made it back to Rivers and was walking through the casino to the garage, I noticed the roulette machines were open so I played a few rounds. I ended up winning $1. Thanks Rivers! I actually won money for once while gambling!!

O my way home, I laughed at all the people still trying to get out of the stadium lots...haha, dumb suburbanites :-)

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