Thursday, July 2, 2009

Short Week

This week is only a four day week because of the 4th of July. I can't believe it is already Thursday morning.

After my last post on Sunday I ended up not going to Sandcastle. I did go on a nice long walk to Greenfield and Oakland. I saw some houses for sale but none that I really wanted. Shawn and Kara came over that night with Grand Torino from Red Box. The movie was not as good as I thought it would be.

Monday was somewhat relaxing after class, a nice break. I sat around the apartment for a while and took Kara and Shawn (both Sonic virgins) to Sonic later on. I had a blue coconut cream slush which was not very good. My favorite is still the coconut cream pie shake.

Tuesday we had an awesome softball game! We almost won. At one point we were ahead 8-4! Shawn and Kara came to play with us as well. Everyone had a decent game and Shawn had a crazy catch in the outfield that he had to run across the hill to get. I though he was going to flip himself over the railing... I actually waited for good pitches towards the end of the game and had two decent hits. I hope our team keeps up the good work.

Last night I went to the Pirates game with a bunch of CMU people. We had $5 tickets with $5 work of concession money loaded on them. Not bad seats either, we were in section 128 towards the front. The game would have basically been free if it wasn't for spending $20 at Mullen's before the game! After the game I hopped a bus to Silky's to go say hi to Cam. Haven't seen him for a long time.

Today is Shawn's birthday and I might end up going to Austintown (Ohio) to help him celebrate. Not 100% sure yet but I will probably go if he decided to go out. I owe him some drinks since he bought me a lot for my birthday. Other than that, I'm not sure what I am doing for the rest of the holiday weekend. I may go to Sandcastle with Carrie tomorrow and I am supposedly Erin's pseudo 4th of July date. Hope the fireworks are good this year since this is the first time they will not be Zambelli!

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