Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Playing Hooky

Yesterday We joined Anne and her family at a cabin they had at Moraine State Park about an hour north from Pittsburgh. That place is really nice! I decided to get up at my regular time and still go to the gym, then I picked up ZQ and we were on our way. When we go there Anne and Mike made us hamburgers and hot dogs and I even got to eat with a Spider Man spoon since they were low on silverware :-) After lunch we rented a 20' pontoon boat to drive around Lake Author. It was a beautiful day, perfect for boating, the the views of the trees, water, and sky were amazing as we sailed along the water. Unfortunately, no one wanted to swim after that, but no big deal, we had other things to do.
Paul and Carolyn had to leave early because Andrew was getting a little tired, but the rest of us ordered pizza from Pizza Joe's! That was my favorite place at 4 o'clock in the morning freshman and sophomore year at Pitt before they closed the place. So cool that I got to have it again yesterday, the only thing was it was not as awesome as I remember after those nights of drinking...
After dinner, I through some football with Mike and played on the playground with the kids. Playgrounds are nowhere nears as cool as they were when I was a kid. They are all made out of plastic and really low the the ground. Slides are maybe like three feet high and swings about 10. After that, Mike, Anne, and I were having some contests to see who could do what. We were doing pull-ups on the swings and walking on our hands (I was really surprised I was able to walk on my hands, cool!)

We walked back to the cabin and built a fire for the night and I helped Mary and Christian catch lightning bugs. Soon after it was time for me and ZQ to head back to the Burgh. The is so much more I want to do there though,they have a bunch of hiking trails and bike trails that I would love to do. I also wouldn't mind renting one of those cabins in the fall for a group of friends to go up (anyone interested? Electric, water, shower, fridge, oven, heat...they are nice)
That really was a nice day.
*This picture is not mine, obviously it was taken in the fall, but you get the point.

Today was frustrating at school. Nothing was getting done and no one was talking to each other about what they were doing. I decided to leave early because I figured, what's the point of staying?

Did not make it to Rita's the other night but I'm going tonight! I love that place.

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Be cool, eat a Rita's.