Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gone Flying

Well Kennywood never happened on Friday. Meg and Justin got there and said it was really crowded so we decided not to go. They said that the top parking lot was totally full! Thaat's a lot of people. We ended up going to Rock Bottom instead. The food was okay and had really small portions. The beer was good though. I hung out at Bridget's for a while and got to ride the old people chairs that move people up and down the steps. It was pretty fun :-) Meg and Justin came over after they left for a while and we went to Oh Ya! Everyone only thought it was okay! WTF?? After that just chilled on the porch swing for the rest of the night making fun of Bridget's neighbors how have light up pumpkins on their porch! haha

The next day Meg and I went to Jess's bridal picnic. This was like a shower only guys were invited. When we got to the park we were looking for pavilion 4. We found 3,2,1, then 5 & 6 but could not find 4. We had to call Lauren and she told us were to go. The signs in that park suck. The picnic was good and it was good to see Jess. I am looking forward to the wedding in November in Jacksonville. Saturday night was kinda lame. I didn't feel like doing much so I stayed home and watched movies.

Sunday was the day ZQ took us to Niagara Falls in a 4 person plane. Varnali and I went with him and it was awesome!!! We started out at the Butler County Airport and took off around 12ish. I was surprised that the plane took of so well without going all that fast (this was my first time in a propeller plane.) Once air-born, and after we were at about 4,500 feet, ZQ let me fly! It is a lot harder than it looks. You have to pay attention to so many things. I kept making the plane go crooked and steering off course. Varnali said she was not airsick until I started to fly... I quickly gave the control back over to ZQ, I felt like I was about to wreck the plane. We passed Buffalo, New York on the way, which was cool to see from the air, and also passed by Lake Erie. Flying over the falls was really cool. We could see the mist from pretty far back. We actually even flew over Canada. I didn't think that was allowed, but ZQ said it is fine as long as we don't land. We got some really nice pictures of the falls. We landed after circling the falls three times and walked across the street to a diner for lunch. I was starving. The food was alright but we had to head back to the plane. This time I was in the back and Varnali was co-pilot. When she took the controls, she jostled the plane all around and I was all over the back seat. Good thing I was wearing my seatbelt. After that, she did fine. We landed back in Butler and stopped at Sonic on the way home. I tried a chocolate creampie shake. It was pretty good, but nowhere near as good as coconut. Here are some pictures from our trip:
When I got home, I was not even hungary. Around 9 I decided to take a walk to find something to eat. After walking around Squirrel Hill for a while,I didn't see anything I wanted so I came home and made some peanut noodles.

Today I did laundry. That sucked, but Ang came over to see me for the first time since I've been here for three years! We had some Trader José on the porch and she told me about her new job. She may even come play softball with us on Thursday. Should be fun!

I can't wait to Atlantic City this weekend. Should be fun. Skipping school on Friday to get to Philly early for KOP.

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