Monday, July 20, 2009

Borgata, Atlantic City

Last week went by pretty fast. Tuesday I don't think I did too much. Wednesday I had dinner at Murray Avenue Grill with Bridget, then went to see Batman Dark Night in Schenley Park with her after that. It was really crowded for that movie. It was nice to go, I haven't been to one of the free movies in the park in a long time. People were even clapping for some random things during the movie which was kinda funny but cool at the same time.

Thursday we had a softball game and did pretty bad. I only got to bat once! Ang came to play with us and did not do too bad of a job. After that we headed to Archie's for wings and beer...good as usual. Then of course I had to pack for AC. I hate packing.

Got up on Friday and had breakfast with Megan and Justin at King's in Monroeville. It got more expensive since the last time I was there. After that we were on our way to HER's for the night in Phoenixville (a suburb of Philly.) Along the way, we stopped at Green Dragon which is a big farmers market held every Friday. That place has such good stuff and is really really cheep. I wish is was closer. After that we went to King of Prussia mall while we waited for Harry to be done with work. I did not buy anything! We met HER and had dinner at Champs. It was pretty good. After that we went to DQ and went to see his new townhouse. It looked nice but we could not see the inside since he does not close until this week. It was early to bed after that since Harry wanted to leave for AC at 6 AM the next day.

After a short drive there we met Cin and Harry for breakfast at the Borgata Buffet. It was really good, especially the breakfast pizza. We were not able toget our suite right away so HER was not too happy about that but we decided to go to the boardwalk anyway. I changed in HERs car because I was the only one who wanted to go in the ocean. We took a decent walk along the boardwalk and I went in the ocean for about 1 minute because it was still freezing! We drove back to the Borgata and went to our pool for a while then met Cin and Harry at Wolfgang Puck for dinner. It was good. We then gambled for the rest of the night and I lost money as usual :-(

Thats about it, back to the grind...only 2 weeks of school left!!!! :-)

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Brad said...

That's my old stopming ground! Good for you for not buying anything at the KOP -- no easy feat. Also, I love the Borgata buffet. Glad you had a nice trip.