Friday, July 10, 2009

Been a nice week

We had a softball game on Wednesday and even though we lost 1-13, I was glad some newbies came out. Varnali and Mary both had hits and it was their first time ever playing. I was proud. I on the other hand had hits but they were kinda crappy, only got to bat twice. Bridget came out to watch...too bad it wasn't a better game for her to see.

Last night Bridget took me out for my first banana split ever. It was pretty good but it was huge. Each one had 6 scoops of ice cream and a bunch of toppings and we EACH got one! After that we went to Southside since Shawn was in from Ohio. We went to Library and Archies for a few drinks. I was not able to get wings at Archies. My stomach was pretty much filled to the max.

Today I have lunch with my team from work Downtown at Palomino. I'm looking forward to seeing them since I haven't actually seen any of them since May. After that I'm going back to school and hopefully getting out early for Kennywood tonight with Bridget, Meg, and Justin. Should be a nice night for it.

The weather this week has been really nice. Lots of sun and no rain. I hope this lasts.

This weekend I'm going to Jess and Tyler's picnic in Butler on Saturday, then on Sunday ZQ is flying Varnali and I to Niagara Falls for lunch. That should be awesome! Hope it doesn't rain so we get to go.

There is less than one month of school left! I can't believe it. This summer semester is going by so fast. I'm about to have a master's degree!

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