Monday, July 6, 2009

The 4th of July is ALREADY over...

Last night Erin came and we went down to see the fireworks. We started off at the food tents then walked across the bridge to Calico Jack's for some drinks. We headed back over to Point State Park about 1/2 an hour before the fireworks were scheduled to start. Non of the other people that told me they were going to be there showed up but we did see Kelsie and her boyfriend. Even though Zambelli did not do them this year, they were really good. We could not hear the music from where we were (right on the steps by the fountain,) but the fireworks themselves were pretty amazing. The show reminded me of the ones they used to have when I was in high school before the city went broke. After that we went bar hopping on the Southside and did drunk Eat 'n Park in Squirrel Hill. That was fun, haven't done that for a while...I had the chicken quesadilla.

Today is Varnalli's birthday so some of us decided to surprise her with a birthday brunch at Square Café in Regent Square. I've been wanting to try this place so I was glad Nicole picked to go there. The place itself was pretty cool and the food was good. I will hopefully stop back again sometime. After that I went to the gym for a much needed workout. I feel like I've been eating like shit recently. The gym made me feel a little better about myself. Then, since today was such a beautiful day I headed over to Schenley Park to lay out and read for a while. It was really nice not too hot or too cold. Also, I may be going to Rita's tonight!

Tomorrow I'm going to some lake about an hour north of Pittsburgh and Anne is going to make our group lunch. Should be fun. Anne said that it is possible to swim in the lake so I hope some other people want to go in. I do for sure.

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