Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Road Trip!

Friday afternoon I got an email from Adam asking me to go to the Pen's game with him in Detroit on Saturday. I of course said hell yes! I woke up Saturday morning and drove to his place in Cleveland. We hung out there for a bit then headed out to Detroit. On the way I got to eat at my first Tim Horton's meal. It was pretty good. We got to the arena a little before game time and headed in. The heckling started right away. The whole Stanley Cup playoff experience was pretty cool. They had it all setup to play movies on the ice before the game started...even though it was of Red Wings players... The game started out pretty good. We were at Detroit's goal fro pretty much the first half of the first period. Then we had a power play were we did absolutely terrible and the game went downhill from there. We ended up loosing 5-0 and it was really disappointing. The Red Wings fans basically made fun of us the whole way back to the car. We really couldn't say anything back to them since we were basically the only Pittsburgh fans around. We now had a 3 hour drive back to Cleveland. I'll tell you what about Detroit, people aren't kidding when they say there is abandoned building everywhere. There literally is and we were not even in the bad sections of town. I would have loved to do some urban exploring in these buildings. We passed my the Motor City Casino and it looked pretty damn cool at night, it would definitely be able to compete with Vegas casinos from outside looks anyway. We finally made it back to Adam's around 3 AM and I passed the fuck out.

Sunday we got up and had breakfast at this place that is like Pamela's it was really good. I had lemon-regatta pancakes. I left Adam's and made a short stop at a mall I like around there and also decided to check out Trader Joe's since they have wine and beer in Ohio.

Last night was a little crazy. Bowmaster was in town and Shawn invited me to hang out with them. He gave me directions to Kara's softball game in the Hill District but I could not find it. I literally drove around the Hill for and hour and still could not find the place. All of the druggies on the street corners were looking at me like I was crazy. Shawn called and told me they were going to continue drinking at Archie's so I headed there to meet up with them. I never did find the kickball field. I got to Archie's before everyone else so I stareted drinking...I needed a drink after all that frustration of not finding the damn kickball field. That was done in 5 minsutes and I was already on my second. I wanted to try to take it slow but before I knew it I was on my fourth beer and everyone was trying to convince me to stay out and just stay over at Kara's. I was like what the fuck, I'll drink. That started the bar crawl for the night. We went around to a bunch of different bars and had beer and shots. There was hardly anyone [girls] out I guess becasue it was a Monday night... But that was not slowing us down. Shawn left at some point then it was just me and Bowmaster. We did some more drinking and somehow decided to go to Tom's Diner. I had a BLT and he had some big pasta dinner. He left twice to go do shots while we were waiting for our food (haha, I love this kid!) We got though our food at Tom's and were on our way back to Kara's when we decided to do one more shot (and yes it was at Mario's even though I hate that place.) We stumble back to Kara's and pass out.

The next thing I know it is 6:30 in the morning and Kara is leaving for work. I decide to go take a walk of shame back to my car. Everyone was waking around all dressed for work and there I was walking to my car looking like death. I made it home and luckily felt much better after a shower and a coffee. All and all it was a pretty good night for a Monday!

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