Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pens Parade Traffic

Although I was not Downtown yesterday for the parade, I can say that I
was there for the Steelers parade. It took me 2 hours to get home to
Squirrel Hill after I left work at 4PM! But that is not the reason I
am writing this email. Bus problems like this happen every day in
Oakland especially around CMU. At the end of the day from about 4-6
there are plenty of times (during spring and fall semesters at Pitt
and CMU) where I have counted 6 or 7 busses pass the stop before
picking anyone up (sometime up to 45 minutes at prime stops like
Forbes and Morewood.) CMU gets it the worst because by the time the
bus makes it there it is already full of Downtown workers and Pitt
students. I and many other people I know called Port Authority
numerous times about this but they really don't seem to care. I think
the reason is because they will not see anymore money from the people
who ride at Pitt or CMU if they add more busses. Pitt and CMU
students have to pay the Port Authority ever semester thought their
tuition whether they ride the bus or not so why should the Port
Authority provide more busses? I think this is a real problem and am
glad that some other people got to experience what it is like
yesterday. Maybe this will at least get some people talking about
solving this problem.



Nick said...

This was a response to the PG about an article where people had to wait a long time to get a bus after the Pens parade.

SCORPIO said...
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