Monday, June 15, 2009

A Nice Semi-Relaxing Weekend

It was nice to slow it down just a little this weekend after having such a busy week full of evening events last week. Friday night was of course game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. At first I didn't even feel like I wanted to go out that day but then as the day when on I felt like I wanted to. I went over to Kara's with Shawn and we were going to go to Mario's. None of us really felt like going out at that point so we just watched the game there. It was cool because I actually got to pay attention to the whole game. We ordered pizza and got some beer. The pizza was from Michael's. I never had it before and it was pretty good. After the game Hanna stumbled in and was wasted. She was cracking me up talking about Bowmaster being a "ginger" (which he is not) and sleeping in his boxer-briefs. She fell out of the chair and was crawling on the floor... Always a good time with Hanna :-)

Saturday I went to Trees with Shawn and then did some long overdue grocery shopping. After that I headed over to Sandcastle to get my season pass. I wanted to go late in the day so I did not have to wait in a huge line. I made some cookies for Anne's cookout (that happened today) as well. Erin came over and we decided to relive alcoholic Slurpie night from freshman year. Only this time I think the liquor we used was a little better.

We ended up not wanting to stay in so we headed to the Southside to see if you could find the Pens anywhere. As we were on Carson, a crowd of people took to the street and blocked the whole thing off. The Pens were above Mario's flashing the Stanley cup out of the window! We were stuck for a little while but Erin managed to get her car out and we quickly got a parking space at Giant Eagle. We hurried back over hoping that we didn't miss too much. When we got there they were holding the cup out the window and spaying people on the street with champagne. We were not sure who all was up there but we saw Staal and Crosby for sure. Crosby is pictured below:
All of the bars were dead because everyone wash hoping the Pens would come back out after they got out of the windows. We actually got to sit right at the bar at Town Tavern.

Today I took my first trip to Sandcastle for the season. It was great, I was reading my book by the pool and jumping in when I got too hot. I even had my first corn-dog of the year. mmmmm. There really are some nice river views from the park (note the iPhone camera does not due it justice):
I came back home and installed 3.0 software on my iPhone. It is nice but does not have all of the cool features that the 3G S phone will have... After that I walked over to Anne's for a cookout that they had inside. It was pretty good.

Tomorrow starts a new week and there is only 1 softball game. Tomorrow at 7. I think we might be going to Archie's for 15 cent wings after...Oh no...could this be the start of another crazy week? ;-)

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