Friday, June 5, 2009

Lots to Talk About

A Small Reunion

Tuesday I had lunch with Igor. I haven't sen him in a while and he is now working for CMU. He said he might play softball with us which is good since he is American and knows the game. Tuesday night I ended up meeting Adam after the Pen's game. We decided to go out to Silky's in Squirrel Hill. It was cool getting to catch up with him. I will have to go visit him in Ohio sometime soon.

Cold, Wet, and Miserable

The softball game on Wednesday was terrible. It was raining and cold for the whole game; I was literally shivering. My last time up to bat my hands were so cold I could not hold on to the bat. I swung pretty hard and the bat ended up in the outfield! Thank God it did not hit someone, it could have cause some serious damage. My hands hurt like hell after the bat slid out of my hand. I could not wait to get home. As soon as I got there, I took a showers and my hands were still cold when I got out...I was spent. I decided to watch a movie and call it quits after that.

7% of me is Fat

Yesterday me and some of my group went to the health fair to do some research for our project. One of the things they had were screenings. I was pretty excited that I only had 7% body fat. The nurse must have been too since she gave me her number after she did the test ;-) Even though I was feeling pretty good about that, somehow I managed to strike out in slow pitch softball! Not my proudest moment ever.

Lets Go Pens!

We all decided to go to Buffalo Blues to watch the Pen's game after softball. It was a pretty good time and I got to have a bunch of wings. They also had $2 Coronas...nice. In the second period we decided to go to Oh Ya! to get some ice cream. I haven't been there in a while and I got something great. It was called Smor' Bee. It was vanilla icecream with golden grams, marshmellow, dark chocolate chips, and honey. Man oh man! We went back to Bufallo Blues with our ice cream and watched the rest of the game, even had a few more beers...not the best choice after the icecream but whatever. The Pens ended up winning and everyone was pretty phyced. Now we only need two more wins!


Brad said...

Are you going to call the nurse? Was she cute? We, the devoted followers of your blog need more details.

Go Pens!

Nick said...

Please stay tuned for the next episode for further details.