Friday, June 19, 2009

I saw Mike Tomlin!

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day with a bunch of happenings. My group decided to have lunch at the Carnegie Cafe with is located in the museums. It was really good and not all that expensive. I heard good things about this place and never went. There are so many other things I want to try there so I will defiantly go back soon.

Since we were already at the museum, we decided to go see the dinosaurs. It was cool and now I've finally got to see them after they came back from being redone. This little duck/dinosaur thing was my favorite!:
Here is another dinosaur:

Also yesterday they were taking down that crazy piece of art with the people walking up the pole. I wander if they are taking it down pertinently or if it was damaged by the storm:

When I got home I had a quick dinner and decided that I wanted to go to South Hills Village. It took me over an hour to get there! I don't know why traffic was so bad. On my way home I was getting thirsty for Thirsty Thursday. I called and emailed a few people and Erin said she would come out. We tied to go to Mad Mex but there was no parking anywhere so we went back to Squirrel Hill and went to Fanatics. I saw Tony from work there and Mike Tomlin! Apparently this is his "neighborhood bar." I knew he lived on Shady Ave. but was not sure where. It was cool being at the same little bar with him while he was sitting there sipping on his Gray Goose.

Erin stayed over since she works really close to where I live. I made chocolate chip pancakes, hot chocolate, and coffee this morning. It was pretty good and Erin dropped me off at school where I am writing this right now since I am here so early. The only bad thing was I did not get to go to the gym today, but maybe I will go after school. We'll see. Tomorrow is DMB and I am really hoping that it doesn't rain. Today we are supposed to get some crazy storms like we did two days ago, which is fine with me as long as it is all over by tomorrow...

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Zhiquan said...

Yeah hopefully we get soem good weather! AND Yes, we should all defiantly go back to the library cafe