Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Friday I went out for a bit on the Southside. I started out at the Library with Shawn. Kara joined us later. That place was pretty chill, it was my first time there. Amanda called me and her and Chrissy were at Carson City so we headed down there to meet up with them. Turns out that Amanda is friends with someone I used to work with freshman year at the Pete! It was good to see her. Later on we went to Elixir. That place was pretty cool but I stopped drinking at that point because I wanted to be good to go in the morning for Dave. I left shortly after and had some Pizza Sola. It was pretty good but $3.75 is pretty expensive for one piece if you ask me. On my way back to the car I saw Erin, Kelsie, and Lauren. They talked me into going in to Tiki Lounge with them. I hung out for a while then headed home.

Saturday I got up, had some lunch and went to Save-More with Shawn to pick up our three kegs. That was a lot of beer! We brought them back to his place and corn hole was already starting in the parking lot. The bus got there early so we packed it up and went to the Southside to pick up Kara and here peeps. Then it was off to Star lake. We were the first bus in the almost totally empty parking lot. I can't believe they let us in. We started tailgating immediately (even though we really already started on the bus.) We had corn hole, flip cup, and food. It was a good time. I also stopped over to Amanda and Chrissy's tailgate to hang with them for a while. We went in to the show right before Dave came on and got space right in front of the chain in the lawn. It was so steep and my feet were killing me by the end of the concert but it was well worth it. I switched back and forth between the two groups during the concert but it was cool, gave me some variety. The concert itself was great. Probably one of the best I've seen. A good mix between old and new. I am glad I remember the concert part this year ;-) This year there was definatly a lot of pot smoking going on, I think more than normal for a Dave concert. I'm pretty sure I had a contact high... I learned some new songs that I downloaded today. Altogether I was a really fun day, had and awesome time.

Sunday was father's day and I headed home to Irwin to hang out with the fam. Mike and I got dad a digital camera which he seemed to like. We had a Baskin Robin's cake which was a nice surprise since I thought we were getting Dairy Queen. Danielle came over later on to hangout as well. I am kinda jealous of my mom's porch garden...it is much better than mine. I wish I had some room for bigger pots.

This week is going to be a busy week:
  • Softball/going out for Shawn's going away tomorrow
  • Pirate game with the YPO Wednesday
  • Abay with Leslie on Thursday
  • Kennywood for Dad's picnic on Saturday
Should be a good week.


Brad said...

Corn-hole is the best! It's the perfect tailgate game. Glad you had fun.

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Also that we would do without your brilliant phrase