Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bugs, Wings, and Storms

Monday we had a softball game and it was probably one of the best evenings to play. The sun was out (forgot to wear my cap...grrr) and it was not hot or humid, just nice. Some of us decided to go to Archie's after the game for 15 cent wings. They were good as always. Shawn and Kara joined us and he promised he would play soon. Even though we had a lot of players on Monday, we all were not having a great game...

Tuesday was cool because I got to start the day at Starbucks on Forbes and Shady. So instead of going to the gym like I usually do in the AM, I took Alissa's advice and went on a bike ride through Schenley Park, then came home, showered, and went to the user test at Starbucks. Lunch had a nice change of pace since we go to eat in Squirrel Hill. Anne, ZQ, and I went to Aladdin's. Good stuff. Also on yesterday morning, I found this cool little bug on my cucumber plant:

Even though I had to do laundry on Tuesday night, I didn't mind for two reasons. This is the first time in a long time that I did not have to iron a bunch of work shirts, and it was the first night that I really had nothing to do and was able to just hang out for the evening in over a week.

Today it rained like hell! I was sitting on my porch for a while reading, eating dinner, and watching the rain. Then all of a sudden it really started raining hard. My porch was pretty much flooded:
At this point I decided to go to the Waterfront to take care of some things...Murray and Forward was flooded like crazy and it was even worse on the way home. There was water coming from everywhere. Some girl even ran out into the street trying to catch something floating down the street. Whatever it was, it was moving really fast. I think she caught it though. I am not back home nice a dry hoping that all of the rain will be over by Saturday in time for it to be nice for Dave.

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