Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Busy Week

This week/weekend was pretty busy. We are now down to about 4 weeks to implement our project at school and things are starting to get a little rushed. We actually had to start assigning ourselves small homework assignments this past week.

Tuesday night we had a softball game and it was amazing! We were tied in the 5th inning and had a chance of winning the game! Even though we did not win, we only lost by 4...our best game ever by far. Everyone had a really good game. I was proud. I wish more of our games could be like this one was. After the game we headed out to Silky's I could only stay for a quick beer since I had to get home to finish up wire framing.

Wednesday night was YPO night at the Pirates game. We had a tailgate before the game and there were probably about 50 people there! I think this might have been our best event yet. The group I was with did not even make it in to the game until the 4th inning... The Pirates even won that day so that made it even better. We will have to plan another one of these games soon.

Thursday was HCI happy hour at Shady Grove. It was nice but I could not stay long because I had to go meet Leslie in East Liberty for dinner at Abay. This place has traditional Ethiopian food and it was really good. We were a little confused at first about how to eat the food since there was no silverware but we figured out that you have break pieces of this wrap like thing off and pick up the food with that... interesting and good.

Friday was Angela's birthday so we went to St. Claire Park in Greensburg for a Beatles cover band concert. It was pretty fun. It was free to get in and you were allowed to bring your own food and beer...not a bad deal at all!

Yesterday I went to Kennywood for my dad's work picnic. It was so crowded! I've never seen it that bad before. I ended up not staying all that long just because the lines were ridiculously long even it you just wanted to get food. Kennywood is now embracing throwing your gun on things, look at the picture above! I guess this is a good idea since people always thrown there gun on stuff there. After I came home from the park I had dinner at Soba with some HCI people to welcome Mary back. The dinner was awesome. I really like that place.

Today I got up and rode my bike into work to return a phone I was testing out. I was supposed to pick up another one but I guess Jason decided to bring it home. Not a big deal, I needed a good workout anyway after all of that Kennywood food yesterday, and trust me coming back home from Downtown to Squirrel Hill is a workout! It is supposed to be sunny around 4 so if that is true I may head over to Sandcastle for a short while, we'll see how it goes.

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