Friday, May 15, 2009

Vegas...After the Fact

A recap on my Las Vegas experience.

Erin came to pick me up Wednesday afternoon for a fun-filled trip to Las Vegas.  After a few short stops we made it and were on our way.  We found my brother while getting out luggage and then we were off to the Flamingo.  We got there and they were able to give us rooms that we on the same floor which worked out well.  That night we found the greatest cheep liquor store.  The girls each got a bottle of champagne and Mike and I got 2 24 oz. Miller Lites each.  We walked the strip for a while and ended up at Coyote Ugly in New York New York.  We were turned down so we walked back home and called it a night since everyone was pretty tired.

Thursday I woke up pretty early and had to walk 2.6 miles to get my tux at Men's Warehouse.It was a nice walk and I passed by some nice scenery until I had to walk through the ghetto at the very end.  The place opened at 10, I got there at 10:15 and there was already a big line.  Luckily it did not take very long though.  I got a cab back home and headed to the pool.  It was packed!!  I had to get a beach chair and put it on the sand volleyball court.  I was alone for a while because Mike was on business at the convention center and Erin and Lauren ended up getting lost in the desert while I was gone.  Eventually everyone came back and it was cool.

Thursday night we got some beer and had a power hour while we waited for Sara to come in.  When she arrived we soon departed for Jet Nightclub at the Mirage.  It was okay, we got to ge in for free and the girls shared their free drinks with us.
Friday we headed back to the pool but this time we tried the GO pool which was the "European Style" topless pool.  It had a DJ too.  Even though I had to pay for this pool it was worth it, they had really nice chairs and better drinks.  The only bad thing was I did not get to see any boobies.

Me and Erin had to then go to the reversal and dinner at the Venetian.  The dinner was really good.  That night we headed over to MGM to visit Amanda and her friend Chrissy.  They were there for the DMB concert.  The girls ended up going to Studio 54 which I wanted to go to but did not feel like it because no one else wanted to come out with me and I am not a big fan of going to clubs with only a small group.  Me and Mike ended up gambling with the other girls from MGM.  I lost of course as usual.  On the way home I decided to try Del Taco for the first time.  It was great.  I wish we had one of those here.

Saturday me and Mike returned MGM to hang out with Amanda and Chrissy at their pool.  I must say I like this pool better; a lot of young beautiful people instead of old fat ones like at our pool.  After that I had to hurry back to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding was nice.  Sara and Brian got married on a bridge at the Venetian and had the reception at one of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants there.  The food there was really good as well.  There was no dancing or anything at the reception but it was still cool to get to sit and talk to a bunch of people I haven't seen in a long time.

After the wedding we took a cab to the Palms to try out Ghost bar.  The line was 45 minutes with a $30 cover.  So we walked over to the Rio and went to Voodoo Lounge.  This place was great.  I think this was my favorite place of the whole trip.  It was on the 51st floor with no line and only a $20 cover (cheep for Vegas standards.)  The place was two floors the inside was loungey upstairs and a restaurant downstairs but the best part was outside.  It was also a two level outside.  The was a DJ and club like dance atmosphere with an awesome view of the strip and all surrounding Las Vegas.  You could literally see to wear the city ended and there was nothing left but desert!  It was awesome.  The staircase on the outside had small little sections where girls that worked their would dance.  The best part was the little floors that  were dancing on were clear.  I texted Amanda and she ended up coming out with Chrissy.  Such a cool place, we stayed until the closed at 4.  I was going to go back to MGM with Amanda and Chrissy but it was just not possible, I was so tired.

Back in the room I think I finally went to sleep around 5:30 after passing out while talking to Erin and Lauren like I did on a number of occasions this trip!

Sunday Mike and  I walked my tux back and then had to walk back to the hotel, that was terrible!  We ate at the Flamingo buffet which was mediocre at best and then headed to the airport.  It was a long flight back.  I ended up getting the Swine from it (j/k just a sore throat and stuffy nose.)  Thanks so much to Dan for picking me up at the airport so late!

Overall it was a good trip and I had a great time.  Thanks Mike for hanging out with me during it!

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