Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Robotic Bagpiper

Well I "graduated" on Sunday.  It is in quote marks because even though I walked I am not really done with school until August.  That is when I am officially done and graduated (notice there are no quote marks!)  The weather was a little cold but it was not too bad since I was wearing a cap and gown.  The university graduation was at the stadium and it was less than an hour and a half!  I was so excited about that.  The speaker was the CEO of Google and he gave a pretty interesting talk.

Immediately after the university graduation we all walked down to Carnegie Music Hall for the School of Computer Science graduation.  This one was long...  There were some cool parts though.  All of the professors up on stage walked on with light sabers  and the guy opening the ceremony talked about how all CMU graduations should officially have a bagpiper but there were none available.  Then he said that CMU was a world class robot organization, why not just make our own bagpiper!  And that's what they did, here is a video of him in action:

The rest of the ceremony dragged on but eventually I got my diploma sleeve.  When I opened it there was a note saying return to Nicole ASAP!  Sigh...I wish it really was a real diploma.

After that there was a reception but we did not end up staying.  Everyone was really hungry and antsy after that long time sitting that we went straight to dinner.  We ended up at P.F. Chang's in the Waterfront.  It was good and I had a nice time with mom, dad, and meem.

This week is a little strange.  This is my first official week as a full-time student.  I haven't been a full-time student since graduating from Pitt.  It feels a little strange now not having to go in to work.  This is going to be an interesting summer for sure.

Tonight we had a group meeting to work out some issues in the group.  I must say a feel a whole lot better about things now.  I hope that the professors feel the same way tomorrow during our faculty meeting.  After that Varnali, Paul, ZQ, and I went for ice cream at the soft serve place on Carson Street in Southside.  It was good.

Tomorrow starts the first official day of summer classes, even though I've already been working on stuff.  Should be an interesting day...


Brad said...

Is "meem" your grandmother? I call my grandmother "meem" too.

Nick said...

yes, short for meema

Brad said...

Mine is "Meme"