Friday, May 29, 2009

Random Stuff

This has been a busy week so far.  Tuesday I went to Dan's for a cookout.  The food was really good and I got to meet Angela's boy friend.  He seemed like a cool guy.  I brought the prom video that we watched and had a few good laughs.

Yesterday was our first softball game.  I think this years team might be better than last years.  We scored two runs in the first inning and did not get six runned each inning.  We did end up losing by the 12 run rule in the fifth inning though...  After the game a bunch of us headed over to Mad Mex.  It was pretty good and funny because I was just thinking about how I wanted to go to that place a few days before.  They had a new margarita (strawberry rhubarb) that I tried and it was pretty good.

It actually felt kinda nice to come home after school today with no plans.  After diner I went to Té Café to do some proofreading on my groups spring report.  Tea was good.

Recently I've been going to the gym myself since Shawn no longer works and goes while I'm in school.  I've been going to Skibo before school most days and must say that I am not happy with how it is going.  I've been lifting like shit lately and it really sucks.  It doesn't help that it's about 80 degrees in the gym even in the mornings.  Hopefully I will get out of this slump soon.

Tomorrow I have another softball game at 5:30 and then  Casey's going away party later on.  Should be a fun night.

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