Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Thoughts for the Day

Today brought the end of the summer weather.  The rain came in this afternoon and cooled everything off.  We are going to have regular spring like weather finally.

Busy day at work today.  I got a lot done with Kangaroo and Wallaby and put some new test policies into place.  It always amazes me what all can be done with a VPN.

Tonight I wrote another segment of the spring report.  Only a few more left to write.  ZQ is being pretty efficient at getting things into me on time as well.  I guess he knows what it's like since he is the PUI TA.

The only bad thing about hot weather is how damn hot it gets in Skibo gym.  It gets to be in the 80s and 90s inside.  Not the best temperature to be working out in.  It was a little hot today but should be alright tomorrow I hope.  Here is a picture of me in the gym not looking to happy because of the heat:
They really need to get some A/C in there.  The good thing was hardly anyone was there.  Haven't had that happen in a while.

I started a search for a condo somewhere in the city and haven't really came up with anything very cool in my price range.  Hopefully something will come up.  I still like the apartment where I live but there are just some things that get to me about this place:
  • Have to go to the basement for laundry
  • Water temp changes on a dime in the shower (get burnt/frozen)
  • Limited kitchen space
  • etc.
Tomorrow is my last day of official classes for the spring term, although the term is far from over for me.  Still a lot of work to go.


Brad said...

Don't forget limited street parking!

Nick said...

True dat!