Monday, April 20, 2009

Epic Adventures

Friday I got out of work a little early since we had to come in today for the maintenance window.  It was nice to get off early since it was such a nice day.  As soon as I got home, I switched into a pair of shorts for the first time this year!  The first day of wearing shorts is always a good feeling.  I called Varnali and met up with her at CMU's spring carnival.  This year's theme was Epic Adventures.  We walked through some booths and ended up seeing ZQ.  We headed over to the TG with him to get some free food and alcohol.  I love that CMU provided grad students free (good) beer and liquor!  We went back to the lab and out front Paul's business group was selling smoothies.  I bought one from Justine.  It was pretty good but I was kinda surprised it was warm.  I hung out in the lab for a bit then headed back to carnival with Smitha and Ayan.  Smith rode the ride with me that I previously rode with Sara P. only this time the bar did not fly open mid-ride!  I was totally planning on going out that night but after getting home and then grabbing some dinner from Chipotle, I did not feel like it.
Saturday, I went to the gym and did some legs, after I got there I really did not feel like being there.  I came home and had some lunch then my dad came.  I drove him to PNC Park to pickup some bobble heads.  After that I had a group meeting and then some dinner at Panera.  Came home and it was just about time for the PT Southside bar crawl.  All of the PT students finished clinical on Friday and I went out to help them celebrate.  Unfortunately I could not celebrate as much as them since I had to do the stupid maintenance window today.  We started out at Double Wide and sat outside for a while.  Then we headed to a few other bars.  I left everyone after Mike and Tony's because they were going to Charley Merdock's and I figured that would be a bad idea for me to go there if I was working the next day.  There was an old familiar face in the group last night...turns out a girl a went to high school with is a PT student at Slippery Rock and was doing clinical at Southside Hospital this semester.  It was nice getting to catch up with her.

I woe up today for the maintenance windows, went into work, and was literally done in 5 minutes.  It makes me so mad that I have to waste a perfectly good Saturday night just to do some stupid task Sunday morning that can easily be done at the end of the day on Friday.  I will never fully understand maintenance windows... Today I think I may have found my bike!  I stopped by BikeTec in Squirrel Hill and test drove a Jamis Trail X2.  I liked it and think I may go back and buy it next week.  I brought back the chain lock my brother got me for my birthday at Dick's and they did not have any U-locks to replace it with so I just got a gift card and will check at another store I guess.  I looked that their bikes and well and was not very impressed with the selection.  Also while I was in the Waterfront, I finally bought a new pair of "everyday" jeans which I've needed for a while now.  My old "everyday" jeans were starting to get a hole in the but!  I went to do some cardio at the UC today but my legs we killing me after I started since I just did legs yesterday.  I ended up doing a variety of different things, not too long on one machine in order to save my legs.

Tomorrow I may go see Adventureland for the $5 Monday night movie at Southside Works Cinema.  Let me know if you are intrested in going at 7:10. 

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