Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Day in the ville

Today I went to Monroeville for work.  The cool thing about going to other places is you get to drive and not have to deal with the stupid bus.  You can make your own schedule.  I started out the day by having breakfast with Meg at King's.  I haven't ate there in a while but man are there breakfasts cheep!  I got pecan crusted french toast (with pecan syrup), 2 eggs, and bacon for $3.99.  Not a bad deal...

After bfast it was a little warmer so I put the top down on the way to the Monroeville PPG plant.  When I got there we had a meeting with some peeps from the ville and worked from that conference room for the rest of the morning.  I had lunch at Chick-fil-A and then went to Old Navy.  I got 2 tanks each 5 bucks.  I needed them for the gym, I am out and it's not time for laundry yet.  Then I headed over to Wine and Spirits for a bottle of wine.

I came back home and finished up work for the day then headed off to the gym.  Did legs and shoulders today.

Later on I went to the Mall at Robinson to return the chain lock that Mike got me for my birthday and get a U-lock.  I did not want a chain lock since that is how my bike got stolen last year.  I also ended up buying some Muscle Milk from Vitamin World while I was there as well.  Before the mall I stopped into IKEA for a few things as well, it's been I while since I was there.

After that I came home and finally decided it was time to burn a new MP3 CD for the car.  I've been wanting to do this for a while but it just takes so long.  CD is now ready and I am ready to start listening to it next time I'm in the car.

Tomorrow I am off to school, can't believe the semester is almost over!  I hate the end of semesters, especially spring.  It is so nice out and you have to be inside doing work and being in meetings all day.  I keep reminding will be better in the summer.


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Muscle Milk? What's that?

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