Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Greek Food

O man, I am looking forward to this. Especially the honey balls.

Random Thoughts for the Day

Today brought the end of the summer weather.  The rain came in this afternoon and cooled everything off.  We are going to have regular spring like weather finally.

Busy day at work today.  I got a lot done with Kangaroo and Wallaby and put some new test policies into place.  It always amazes me what all can be done with a VPN.

Tonight I wrote another segment of the spring report.  Only a few more left to write.  ZQ is being pretty efficient at getting things into me on time as well.  I guess he knows what it's like since he is the PUI TA.

The only bad thing about hot weather is how damn hot it gets in Skibo gym.  It gets to be in the 80s and 90s inside.  Not the best temperature to be working out in.  It was a little hot today but should be alright tomorrow I hope.  Here is a picture of me in the gym not looking to happy because of the heat:
They really need to get some A/C in there.  The good thing was hardly anyone was there.  Haven't had that happen in a while.

I started a search for a condo somewhere in the city and haven't really came up with anything very cool in my price range.  Hopefully something will come up.  I still like the apartment where I live but there are just some things that get to me about this place:
  • Have to go to the basement for laundry
  • Water temp changes on a dime in the shower (get burnt/frozen)
  • Limited kitchen space
  • etc.
Tomorrow is my last day of official classes for the spring term, although the term is far from over for me.  Still a lot of work to go.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful Weekend but...

I had to be inside doing school work each day!

Friday was the start of the summer weather.  It was a pretty busy day at work as most of them have been lately since we have the new VPN equipment.  Leslie took our team out to lunch.  We went to Palomino, one of my favorite places to eat Downtown.  I wanted to go play outside so bad but I had to go to the lab to work for school.  I only had to stay until 7 at least.  After that I got some sushi at Giant Eagle for a quick dinner.  I called Erin and she decided to come out with me for the night.  We were planing on going to meet up with the PT crew since they all became doctors that day!  Erin got here and I made us drinks to start out with and we drank them on the porch...I missed doing that.  Then we went to Hofbrauhaus and had some beers while dancing and singing on the tables...always a good time there.  After the bar closed we came back here and sat and talked on the porch for a while.  It was kinda like the talks I used to have with Erin when we lived in the same building and I would go lay on her floor and talk to her...I miss that.

Saturday I woke up and did not feel too well but I did not think much of it.  Meg came over and we took Nikki to the dog park.  After that we went to lunch but by the time I got there I felt like I could not eat anything and I did not.  Ends up, I got food poisoning from the Sushi on Friday.  We went  back home and I layed down until I had to go back to school.  During my whole 3 1/2 hour meeting I was basically laying down,I felt like shit!  I was participating but I still felt bad.  After that I had to go get fitted for a tux for Sara's wedding.  After I did that I came home and laid down again.  When I woke up it was 9:00.  Shawn asked me to go to Charley Murdock's and I wanted to but just couldn't.  I didn't even eat anything all day.  I ended up watching TV and going to bed at 11:30 after the news.  Man that sucked!

I woke up on Sunday and felt much better.  I got up really early so I decided to make some muffins for my groups since I would be returning to school yet again!  I went to the meeting and  we got out a little before 1.  Just enough time for me to head over to BikeTek to  buy me new bike.  I ended up going with the Jamis Trail X2 like I thought I was going to get.  Here is is:
After that I headed over to Ben's for a little get together to play Guitar Hero 2 and eat some food.  Jason did not show up though...

When I came home I tried to instal the U-lock and speedometer on my bike with limited success...I will have to spend some more time later once I have some to spare.

Today I gave a presentation for project, got my Mustang inspected, and ate dinner at the rents.  Not a bad day, got those things done now I have to spend the rest of the weeks time on doing the spring project report...not looking forward to it.  But at least the weather won't be too tempting to go outside this week.

Today is the last day of the summer like weather and it's been great.  I am sitting here on my porch 1/2 naked writing this entry...haha

Can't wait for summer!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Waiting outside in the beautiful sunshine before my meeting.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Here we go again...

It is the end of the semester and there is a million things to do!  Not to mention I have to get my car inspected before the month is over...  Why does everything always have to pile up all at once?  O well, at least I will get a short break while I am in Las Vegas May 6-10 for Sara's wedding.  I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Came across my old blog the other day. Back when I was a sophomore at Pitt there were a bunch of us that had Xanga. It's still there so take a look if you want. Most of my posts towards the end were just surveys. My posts were a little more depressing back then...

A Day in the ville

Today I went to Monroeville for work.  The cool thing about going to other places is you get to drive and not have to deal with the stupid bus.  You can make your own schedule.  I started out the day by having breakfast with Meg at King's.  I haven't ate there in a while but man are there breakfasts cheep!  I got pecan crusted french toast (with pecan syrup), 2 eggs, and bacon for $3.99.  Not a bad deal...

After bfast it was a little warmer so I put the top down on the way to the Monroeville PPG plant.  When I got there we had a meeting with some peeps from the ville and worked from that conference room for the rest of the morning.  I had lunch at Chick-fil-A and then went to Old Navy.  I got 2 tanks each 5 bucks.  I needed them for the gym, I am out and it's not time for laundry yet.  Then I headed over to Wine and Spirits for a bottle of wine.

I came back home and finished up work for the day then headed off to the gym.  Did legs and shoulders today.

Later on I went to the Mall at Robinson to return the chain lock that Mike got me for my birthday and get a U-lock.  I did not want a chain lock since that is how my bike got stolen last year.  I also ended up buying some Muscle Milk from Vitamin World while I was there as well.  Before the mall I stopped into IKEA for a few things as well, it's been I while since I was there.

After that I came home and finally decided it was time to burn a new MP3 CD for the car.  I've been wanting to do this for a while but it just takes so long.  CD is now ready and I am ready to start listening to it next time I'm in the car.

Tomorrow I am off to school, can't believe the semester is almost over!  I hate the end of semesters, especially spring.  It is so nice out and you have to be inside doing work and being in meetings all day.  I keep reminding will be better in the summer.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Epic Adventures

Friday I got out of work a little early since we had to come in today for the maintenance window.  It was nice to get off early since it was such a nice day.  As soon as I got home, I switched into a pair of shorts for the first time this year!  The first day of wearing shorts is always a good feeling.  I called Varnali and met up with her at CMU's spring carnival.  This year's theme was Epic Adventures.  We walked through some booths and ended up seeing ZQ.  We headed over to the TG with him to get some free food and alcohol.  I love that CMU provided grad students free (good) beer and liquor!  We went back to the lab and out front Paul's business group was selling smoothies.  I bought one from Justine.  It was pretty good but I was kinda surprised it was warm.  I hung out in the lab for a bit then headed back to carnival with Smitha and Ayan.  Smith rode the ride with me that I previously rode with Sara P. only this time the bar did not fly open mid-ride!  I was totally planning on going out that night but after getting home and then grabbing some dinner from Chipotle, I did not feel like it.
Saturday, I went to the gym and did some legs, after I got there I really did not feel like being there.  I came home and had some lunch then my dad came.  I drove him to PNC Park to pickup some bobble heads.  After that I had a group meeting and then some dinner at Panera.  Came home and it was just about time for the PT Southside bar crawl.  All of the PT students finished clinical on Friday and I went out to help them celebrate.  Unfortunately I could not celebrate as much as them since I had to do the stupid maintenance window today.  We started out at Double Wide and sat outside for a while.  Then we headed to a few other bars.  I left everyone after Mike and Tony's because they were going to Charley Merdock's and I figured that would be a bad idea for me to go there if I was working the next day.  There was an old familiar face in the group last night...turns out a girl a went to high school with is a PT student at Slippery Rock and was doing clinical at Southside Hospital this semester.  It was nice getting to catch up with her.

I woe up today for the maintenance windows, went into work, and was literally done in 5 minutes.  It makes me so mad that I have to waste a perfectly good Saturday night just to do some stupid task Sunday morning that can easily be done at the end of the day on Friday.  I will never fully understand maintenance windows... Today I think I may have found my bike!  I stopped by BikeTec in Squirrel Hill and test drove a Jamis Trail X2.  I liked it and think I may go back and buy it next week.  I brought back the chain lock my brother got me for my birthday at Dick's and they did not have any U-locks to replace it with so I just got a gift card and will check at another store I guess.  I looked that their bikes and well and was not very impressed with the selection.  Also while I was in the Waterfront, I finally bought a new pair of "everyday" jeans which I've needed for a while now.  My old "everyday" jeans were starting to get a hole in the but!  I went to do some cardio at the UC today but my legs we killing me after I started since I just did legs yesterday.  I ended up doing a variety of different things, not too long on one machine in order to save my legs.

Tomorrow I may go see Adventureland for the $5 Monday night movie at Southside Works Cinema.  Let me know if you are intrested in going at 7:10. 

Tartan Power

You gotta love the tartan wrist bands they were giving out at the UC
today for people using the gym.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bumper Repair Fail

How much duct tape do you think this person is using to hold that
bumper on? Wow...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I am curious as to how many people read this.  Please leave me a comment it you do (don't worry, you don't have to sign up for Blogger, you can post with a Google account or Open ID)

People randomly talk to me about my blog from time to time but I never get many comments.  Just was wandering who all was out there.  You can give me thoughts and suggestions if you want as well.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sitting in Starbucks drinking a latte listening to "Let's get it on"
while watching the rain and doing email.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Monday Monday, ba-da ba-da-da-da

Today was the first day back in the grind after my birthday/Easter weekend.  It did not go to bad.  Started the day off with some PPG emails as usual then headed off to school.  Did a CI with Anne for project after Professional Writing and then had to hurry to Craig Street because we actually had Project Class today!  There was a guest speaker who also came to out faculty meeting today.  I brought in my mom's Black Russian cake left over from my birthday to the lab.  Everyone seemed to like it pretty well, it is one of my favorites.

When I got home I really didn't feel like going to the gym because I have a cold.  I though I was going to get by this whole season without getting sick...almost made it but almost is not enough...  I guess Shawn really didn't want to go to the gym either so we ended up taking the day off.  I started looking for a bike today so I can finally replace my old one.  I looked at REI and that place it definitely out, nothing under $400!  I was hoping to spend a little less than that.

I made a quick stop into Southside Giant Eagle, I think they must have remodeled it because I don't remember it looking the way it did on the inside.  I haven't been in there for a long time.

I came back home and finally put my tax returns in envelopes and am going to mail them tomorrow!  I don't think I ever waited this long.  I finished watching a movie I started last night, forget the name but it was not that good.  I am not actually sure how it is 11:38 right now though!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Birthday

Well, my birthday turned out to be pretty good. The only complaint that I have is that I drank too much the night before. I started out at Hofbräuhaus and had a bunch of the big beers there. The YPO bought me a shotski of Jager and had the guy sing happy birthday to me. The only problem with getting sung happy birthday to was the guy was not singing to me! When the people at my table told me to stand up they thought the guy was singing happy birthday to me but he was really singing to "Steve," so I guess Steve is my new name at the YPO.
After Hofbräuhaus we went to the new South Side 86 (formerly Locker room.) Apparently this was my downfall. I did not even think we were there for that long but after hearing stories the next day I found out we were and people bought me a bunch of shots. I never usually do shots so I’m pretty sure this was my problem. After we were done there I was walking back with Shawn to Kara’s house to sleep on her couch when we passes Red and Irene’s. He talked me in to going inside where we had a couple cans of Miller Lite. Kathy was there and I got a hug from her so that was nice. I wish I would have remembered to take a picture though.
The next day I woke up and decided it was time to go home. I opened the door, it was raining...great...I had to walk to the other side of Southside to get my car and my hoodie was in the car. After I made it back to my car cold and wet, I went home and returned to bed. Unfortunately I wasted most of the day in bed until it was time to get a family picture at Westmoreland Mall. The pictures actually turned out pretty nice. On my way home I started to think about what I wanted to do for my actual birthday night. I could not imagine drinking anymore, but a bunch of people were coming out for my birthday so I had to. We ended up in the Southside again but I did not drink much at all and was pretty lame. I’m sorry to the people who came out for not being very fun. Thanks to all of the people who did come out on each night for making my birthday fun. I had a good time and appreciated the drinks.
One more thing, I found out Lauren is a long lost cousin of mine. Her great grandmother is my great aunt. Small world!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quarter Life Crisis?

Well, I am turning 25 at the end of the week and I don't know if it is that, that is causing me to be somewhat depressed or what.  There have really been a lot of things on my mind lately.  I saw the movie "I love you Man" on Monday and it was a really funny movie and I like it but wow, that guy is kinda like me...I never really had a "best friend" and it was always hard for me to make friends.  Now I do have friends, good friends, but just never someone that has been my best friend.  At least the main character in the movie makes up for the fact that he did not have any friends by having lots of girlfriends well me on the other hand do not currently nor have I ever really had a girlfriend.  It seems like 25 is a little old to never have had a girlfriend...  I get asked by my family over and over again, "when are you going to get a girlfriend," like I'm trying to stay single...I would love to have someone to be close with but I am either "too nice" or "just a friend."  I am tired of those answers and people making it like I don't have a girlfriend by some choice of mine really just makes things worse.  I HATE it when I get asked that question, I really do.  The other thing that scares me is my one friend who is really the only friend who I consistently see and hang out with on a regular basis will be moving away in a few months.  When I sit and think about it, I am going to be lost without him.  Almost all of my weekends involve going out at least one of the nights with him, not to mention the fact that he is also my lifting partner.  Who else am I going to get to challenge me at the gym and not let me settle for a mediocre performance?

Another scary thought is that I am going to be done with college in August.  For as much as I complain about CMU taking up so much of my time, really, what am I going to do with all of my extra time when it is over?  All of my CMU friends will be gone, most of my Pitt friends will be either gone or married, and my high school friends and I are now just living different lives.  I guess I am going to be forced into growing up...I am even thinking about buying a townhouse or condo once I graduate and getting a dog.  I keep on having these visions of myself as being a lonely old man who no one really cares about.  Sure I might get visitors on holidays and my birthday, but other than that, just me, myself, and I.  Man, I really hope I am wrong about this.  I am even starting to not like living on my own anymore.  I would not mind trying to find a roommate just so I can have someone to talk to.

All I know is that my life is about to come to a major crossroads and I just hope that I choose the right path and that I will have some good company along the way.

Okay, that is enough of that depressing stuff, lets talk about my day today...

This morning I started out by making some pancakes and coffee.  Both were good, I just with I had some syrup for the pancakes.

I waited for it to get a little warmer then I brought by book and went to the park to do some reading.  There is this one spot in Schenley Park where you can see Downtown and Oakland.  It makes for a really nice backdrop to just lay in the grass and have something nice to look at.  I took a panoramic picture, but it really does not due the space justice, you really have to go and see this for yourself.

It was in the mid-60s today and just felt great to lie there in the sun.  It just feels so good to have the sun shining on you, there is no other feeling like it.

I even got a bit of a tan today.  I still can't believe that it is going to snow on Tuesday!

Tonight I was really in the mood for some Mexican so I used my free birthday dinner from Big Burrito Group and went to Mad Mex with Steve.  It really hit the spot.  It was also good to catch up with Steve.  I haven't really had a chance to talk to him in a while.

Once I got home it was such a nice night I did not want to go inside already so I went for a little ride with the top down blasting some music.  Man, did that make me feel good.  I was and still am in such a good mood after that.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Nothing says nice warm spring day like a Frappacino. Mmmmmm.

Big Dog

At Big Dog Coffee in the Southside. It has good coffee and a cool
atmosphere. You should check it out if you are in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun with Passive Voice

Yesterday in my Professional Communication class, my professor was talking about not using passive voice.  He took some famous quotes and ad slogans and made them passive.  I want to share some of the better ones:

"I will be given liberty or I will be given death by you"
-Give me liberty or give me death!

"It must be done by you!"
-Just do it

"You are loved by me, man!"
-I love you man

"No, should be said by you to drugs!"
-Say no to drugs.

"It is being loved by me"
-I'm lovin' it.

and for my favorite...

"Sexual relations with that woman were not had by me."
-I did not have sexual relations with that woman.