Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yesterday was a nice day!

Friday I went to the gym with Shawn and did legs and shoulders.  I had a really bad day there, I just could not do much of anything.

That night we went to Jimmy D's and I ended up drinking a bunch of beer.  It was fun.  This one guy I work with X girlfriend was there, she kept going on and on about him.  I never remember her being so hot!

Yesterday was a really nice day, it was somewhat sunny and it was in the 70s.  I started off the day by going to the mall to browse around for a bit, I needed to buy some new polos.  I drove there with the top down and it felt great.  I really miss being able to put the roof down, it is such a good feeling.
I cam home and then went to Skibo for back and tris.  That went much better than Friday.  After that I took a little nap and decided to go for a walk to browse around Squirrel Hill and get some dinner.  I went to the library and to Avalon.  Did not find anything at either place.  I had a wrap at Taza 21 which is a great Middle Eastern wraps place.  I really like there food.  I had a tilapia wrap with all kinds of other good stuff in it.  Everything is homemade fresh.  You get to pick from chips or cucumber sauce to go with the wrap and I picked cucumber sauce.  I ate it outside, since it was so nice.

After diner I made a quick stop at my favorite coffee shop 61C Cafe for a iced late.  Then I returned home for a shower and yet another nap.
I took a quick stop at Dave and Andy's before going to Shawn's for some ice cream.  We had a nice leisurely night outside at Double Wide Grill and had some good beers instead of downing cheep ones like the night before.

Today I woke up at 9 AM (which was really like 8 because of changing the clocks.)  Went to the gym with Shawn and felt like elbows are acting up again.  Hopeful the week off in North Carolina will do me some good in that area.
Later today I am going home to drop off the Saturn for inspection while I am away.  I hope it passes.  I don't like the noise that it is making.

That is all for now, next post will probably be from Raleigh!

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