Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Training, Day One

Yesterday I arrived in Raleigh.  After I got to the hotel, I browsed around town for a bit and saw some of the capital city, most things were closed but it was a nice night for a walk and it was cool to just take a look around.  I came back and did the elliptical for a while and then went to bed.

This morning I had breakfast at the cool little coffee shop that made their own espresso drinks, no push button operation here.  As I was reading their menu, I also noticed that they had wine and beer!  That was pretty interesting, we don't have things like that back in old PA.  The cappuccino was good and the danish was okay.

Today was my first day of BlackBerry Server training, basic part I, I have part II tomorrow and advanced the next two days after that.  The class went pretty well today and filled in a bunch of blanks that I had about BlackBerry.  I think I may have even learned a few things that Jason did not know!  Our teacher was from Canada of course and has the crazy Canada accent.  I also had a woman in my class that reminded me of LPK a little bit.  Everyone in the class was pretty cool and they were all so amazed at how many users PPG has using BlackBerries, their companies did not have nearly as many as mine.  We got to order off of a menu for lunch that was delivered to the class, it was actually pretty good and I think I already have some ideas on what I want for tomorrow :-)  Then the ladies at the training center baked cookies at 2 o'clock!  How great is that?  We got out of class an hour early and then I was off to Durham to meet Danielle for a tour of Chapel Hill.

We met at some mall and she drove me to campus.  It was pretty nice.  We walked around for about an hour and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant on the main street there.  It was pretty good, but no Mad Mex.  We then walked back to the car and she drove me around the other half of the campus.  Then she took me to one of the best coffee places I've been to.  It was called 3 Cups Wine | Coffee | Tea.  It was great!!  First you pick your coffee and they give it to you in a french press with a timer.  When the timer is up, you press your own coffee.  And this was good coffee.  The people there really knew their stuff.   Here is Danielle with our coffee:

I even bought a bag of beans to bring home (the same one that we drank there.)  Here is the description from the bag:

Dolok Sanggul Sumatra Lintong
Picked and partially prepared by farmers traded by famed Betel-chewing Coffee Women, collected and dried by millers, and then prepared for export by Darium Labanowski; the coffee from Dolol Sanggul are extraordinary.
Profoundly deep, smooth and syrupy, with signature notes of herb and gentile fruit, the best, most unique Sumatran coffee we have ever experienced
After that we stopped by her apartment real quick and she brought me back to the mall at Durham where we met.  I looked around the mall quickly bought a few shirts.  came bake here did some elliptical and checked email.

Day two starts tomorrow.

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