Monday, March 2, 2009

Food for Thought

I have a bunch of random things to blog about from this weekend.  Friday was HCI happy hour at Shady Grove.  The food was pretty good, especially the roasted red pepper hummus!  I had three different kind of beers, first Magic Hat number 9 which I really liked, then a Guiness, and finally Peak Organic Pale Ale which I was not very happy with.  Overall it was a good happy hour.  It was nice to spend some time with the people in my program since I don't get to do that very much.

Saturday I had a team meeting that started out at Crépes for breakfast on South Craig Street.  It was awesome as usual.  I haven't been there in a long time.  Here is Varnali preparing her Café au late:

When the food came it looked so good.  I had a café au lait and a black forest (dark chocolate and raspberries) crép.  They were both awesome!

Then after our meeting went to the Pete for a very tiring workout of chest and bis.

For lunch I made a cross between a regular, cajon chicken, and buffalo chicken pizza.  It was pretty good:

I had some all natural root beer which I have been wanting to have for a while too mmm...

I met Amanda and her friend at Silky's in Bloomfield to wtach Pitt win over Seaton Hall.  I liked the bar there:

Today I went home to help my mom setup her USB record player she got from Woot!  It was pretty cool.  It turns records into MP3s and automatically imports them in to iTunes.  Now she can put all of her albums on her iPod.  Once I got home I did laundry which sucked as usual...

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