Wednesday, March 25, 2009

180 Pounds!

Nothing all that exciting has happened so far this week.  Yesterday me and ZQ had lunch at Uncle Sam's.  It was really good.  I have been thinking about that place since Amy called me last week to go there for dinner and I had to turn her down because I needed to go to the gym.  Last night I went to Erin's house to fix her wireless on her computer since the Verizon FiOS guy could not do it while he was at her house.  I fixed it and she is now up and running on the Internet again, I am so proud of her haha.  Then her mom baked me a whole tray of cupcakes.  They are always really good because she bakes them with love.  Erin gets mad at me because the one time she baked me the cupcake I told her they were not as good because they were laking love.  I think that one ingredient makes all the difference!

I went to Skibo yesterday to mix things up since my workout partner cancelled on me.  Come on, what's more important, working out or some paper for school?  :-)

Today I had a bunch of meetings and did the ever exciting weekly remote access report which I don't think anyone even cares about anymore now that Ben is off of the team.  Jason wore his pink (or coral as he would call it) shirt today for the third time in two weeks so Ben and I had to make fun of him for it, sorry Jason!

One really exciting thing happened at the gym today.  I weighed myself in at 180 pounds!  That is a pretty nice milestone.  Hopefully I will continue to gain and not weigh in much less in a few days.

Tomorrow I have class but will be going in to work later because BlackBerry is taking us to the Pens game.  Should be fun, I'm looking forward to getting to know the BB guys better since I am now starting to be more involved in BlackBerry now that I had my training.

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Jason said...

You are just jealous that all the ladies like my coral shirts.