Monday, March 30, 2009

Oregon Trail

I just discovered they now have Oregon Trail in the app store. Should
I break down and buy my first app? I used to love this game on the
Apple IIe computers in elementary school!


I can't believe it SNOWED last night!

Quick Recap

Thursday night and Friday night I got to meet with some prospective MHCI students for next year.  They seemed pretty cool.  Friday me, JD, and ZQ took some of them to Church Brew Works.  It was good as usual.  It ended up being happy hour and beer was 1/2 price!

Went bowling later that night and did pretty bad.  I am no good at bowling.

Didn't do much on Saturday.  I picked up my new owner's card from my grandma's house since she technically owns the Saturn and later that night I went to the HCI/Design spring fling.

Yesterday I finally cleaned my apartment and it looks so much better.  I have been putting this off for way too long.  Later that night the group went over to Anne's house for dinner and it was pretty good.  It was nice to have dinner with the group.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

180 Pounds!

Nothing all that exciting has happened so far this week.  Yesterday me and ZQ had lunch at Uncle Sam's.  It was really good.  I have been thinking about that place since Amy called me last week to go there for dinner and I had to turn her down because I needed to go to the gym.  Last night I went to Erin's house to fix her wireless on her computer since the Verizon FiOS guy could not do it while he was at her house.  I fixed it and she is now up and running on the Internet again, I am so proud of her haha.  Then her mom baked me a whole tray of cupcakes.  They are always really good because she bakes them with love.  Erin gets mad at me because the one time she baked me the cupcake I told her they were not as good because they were laking love.  I think that one ingredient makes all the difference!

I went to Skibo yesterday to mix things up since my workout partner cancelled on me.  Come on, what's more important, working out or some paper for school?  :-)

Today I had a bunch of meetings and did the ever exciting weekly remote access report which I don't think anyone even cares about anymore now that Ben is off of the team.  Jason wore his pink (or coral as he would call it) shirt today for the third time in two weeks so Ben and I had to make fun of him for it, sorry Jason!

One really exciting thing happened at the gym today.  I weighed myself in at 180 pounds!  That is a pretty nice milestone.  Hopefully I will continue to gain and not weigh in much less in a few days.

Tomorrow I have class but will be going in to work later because BlackBerry is taking us to the Pens game.  Should be fun, I'm looking forward to getting to know the BB guys better since I am now starting to be more involved in BlackBerry now that I had my training.


Mrs. Sharpe made me cupcakes last night!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Meals

Poster that was up in the lab.

A Real Blackboard

My classroom for my new mini has an actual chalk board. I don't even
remeber the last time one of my classrooms had one of these instead of
a dry erase board.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Here is a weekend update:


After work I came home and watched the second half of the Pitt game.  They won but looked terrible.  Shawn told me he was not going to the gym, so I ended up just going to the UC and doing the elliptical for 35 minutes.  I did it with varying resistance this time instead of varying inclines.  I like incline better I found but it is good to switch things up.  That night I went to Justine's for a "spring drink" party.  It was fun and I got to hang out with some people that I never get to see.  I had this crazy drink made with Pimm's liquor, Sprite, a bunch of fruit, and cucumbers.  It was actually pretty good.  After that was gone I had various other sumery drinks.


I went to the Sea Change workshop all day Saturday.  The point of the workshop was supposed to give you a "North Star" for your life which is a question that you live your life trying to answer.  My questions that I came up with through various activities throughout the workshop is:
How can I encourage my peers to empower and enlighten themselves so that they can be happy, healthy, and whole for their entire lives?
We also had to do a bunch of drawing (which I am terrible at.)  Here is a picture of my "healthy" person from the quote above:
Nicole had lunch catered from Kaya which was pretty awesome.  We had a bunch of good things but I really liked the cilantro-lime dressing.  I am going to have to try to make that.  She also bought cupcakes from Whole Foods.
I came home and took a nice nap and then met Shawn, Lee, and Kara for dinner at Hemmingway's.  Shawn, Kara, and I ended up staying for a pretty long time.  After we were done drinking beer, we got three pitchers of shots.  They were only six bucks each!  The Miller Lite girls that were there were pretty hot except they were not giving us any free stuff.  They were giving this one table of girls free Miller Lites all night.  It was starting to piss us off.
Late Saturday night after getting home I got to thinking that I am pretty lonely.  I need to find a girl to have in my life sometime soon.  It has never been easy for me to find someone, but we'll see what I can do I guess.  I have been thinking a lot about this lately.


Today I did a bit of work for Professional Writing, watched the Pitt game at Shawn's (they are still not looking so good) and they made it to the Sweet 16!  I went to Target to get a few things.  I also looked up Sara and Brian's wedding registry but did not see anything I wanted to buy for them.  I was going to try Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but they were already closed...I hate how places close early on Sundays.  I came home and was going to give the apartment a good cleaning but just did not feel like it so I decided I would make some cookies to bring in to my group tomorrow.

That's it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Overdue Update

The rest of my training went well.  I feel like I really learned a lot about BlackBerry and I am glad that I will know a little bit more about what is going on when people at work are talking about the BES.  Last wednesday was a great day ~80 degrees!  I took a walk around Downtown Raleigh to see the sights.  After coming home I looked online for an ice-cream place and drove to go get some.  It was pretty good.  Amanda ended up not coming on Thursday so I took a trip to the Carolina Premium Outlets.  They were not so premium.  I then drove to some mall which was cool and I found a good place to eat dinner, plus the bar tender was cute there too ;-)

Friday we got out of class early so I went to the airport early in hopes that I could get an earlier flight to Pittsburgh.  The woman told me that flights to Pittsburgh were booked through Tuesday...WTF?  I ended up having to wait in the airport for 4 hours!  And even then I had to go to Philly first before I got to Pittsburgh.  Below is a picture taken from my room in the hotel.  It looks in the opposite direction from downtown.
I rushed back home from the airport and met HER at my place.  He was staying for the weekend.  We had a good time even though we had to time to do anything on Friday night.  We got up early for the parade on Saturday.  The whole parade was a disaster, at least until we got in to Market Square.  The entire parade route was blocked off this year and you could not cross the street to get to the square.  After we went the whole way around we found out they were carding, stamping hands, charging $1, and putting bracelets on people going in to Market Square.  The bad part about it was there was only 2 guys doing it.  It took forever to get in.  What a stupid idea!  We finally made it in and started to drink green beer.  We met my brother and later met Carrie.  Here is a pic of me and my brother:

I luckily brought my PPG ID with me so that I did not have to wait in line for the port-a-potties...I was so glad to have it!  On the way back home we saw the Red Bull car and got free Red Bull, cool!

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Megan and Justin to a Chinese place in Squirrel Hill, it was pretty good.  Everyone hung out at my place after.  We ended up not even going out that night.

Sunday HER and I headed to Trees for a much needed workout.  He had my do cardio too even though that is all I did in North Carolina.  Sunday night we went to my grandma's to pick up my car that got inspected while I was away.  It ended up costing $600!  I needed a bunch of new stuff for it which sucks because I only use that car to go to Oakland and South Side...o well, I found out that my tax return is going to pay for that so no big deal there.

Went back to school on Monday and back to work yesterday.  I had to do my PLP on my first day back to work!  That sucked.

Today was an awesome day!  It was so nice out.  I got to spend a little bit of time outside after class and it felt great.  Later on I went to Kara's for a cookout which was delicious!  I am looking forward to being able to do this more often now that winter is almost over.  Shawn grilled plain chicken, god thing Kara jumped in and spiced it up before it was done...good stuff.  There was a whole bunch of extra food left so we might do it again tomorrow altho it would have to be inside since it will only be in the 40s.  Damn Pittsburgh March weather.

Tomorrow I have an interview for project with one of my old TAs from last year after work.  Looking forward to that, should be interesting.

I love College

Heard this song on the radio and it got me thinking back to the good old days at Pitt...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too Much Coffee

I am drinking way too much nasty training center coffee this week.

Starting Day Two of Training

Training, Day One

Yesterday I arrived in Raleigh.  After I got to the hotel, I browsed around town for a bit and saw some of the capital city, most things were closed but it was a nice night for a walk and it was cool to just take a look around.  I came back and did the elliptical for a while and then went to bed.

This morning I had breakfast at the cool little coffee shop that made their own espresso drinks, no push button operation here.  As I was reading their menu, I also noticed that they had wine and beer!  That was pretty interesting, we don't have things like that back in old PA.  The cappuccino was good and the danish was okay.

Today was my first day of BlackBerry Server training, basic part I, I have part II tomorrow and advanced the next two days after that.  The class went pretty well today and filled in a bunch of blanks that I had about BlackBerry.  I think I may have even learned a few things that Jason did not know!  Our teacher was from Canada of course and has the crazy Canada accent.  I also had a woman in my class that reminded me of LPK a little bit.  Everyone in the class was pretty cool and they were all so amazed at how many users PPG has using BlackBerries, their companies did not have nearly as many as mine.  We got to order off of a menu for lunch that was delivered to the class, it was actually pretty good and I think I already have some ideas on what I want for tomorrow :-)  Then the ladies at the training center baked cookies at 2 o'clock!  How great is that?  We got out of class an hour early and then I was off to Durham to meet Danielle for a tour of Chapel Hill.

We met at some mall and she drove me to campus.  It was pretty nice.  We walked around for about an hour and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant on the main street there.  It was pretty good, but no Mad Mex.  We then walked back to the car and she drove me around the other half of the campus.  Then she took me to one of the best coffee places I've been to.  It was called 3 Cups Wine | Coffee | Tea.  It was great!!  First you pick your coffee and they give it to you in a french press with a timer.  When the timer is up, you press your own coffee.  And this was good coffee.  The people there really knew their stuff.   Here is Danielle with our coffee:

I even bought a bag of beans to bring home (the same one that we drank there.)  Here is the description from the bag:

Dolok Sanggul Sumatra Lintong
Picked and partially prepared by farmers traded by famed Betel-chewing Coffee Women, collected and dried by millers, and then prepared for export by Darium Labanowski; the coffee from Dolol Sanggul are extraordinary.
Profoundly deep, smooth and syrupy, with signature notes of herb and gentile fruit, the best, most unique Sumatran coffee we have ever experienced
After that we stopped by her apartment real quick and she brought me back to the mall at Durham where we met.  I looked around the mall quickly bought a few shirts.  came bake here did some elliptical and checked email.

Day two starts tomorrow.

Monday, March 9, 2009


A nice beer after work and before my flight. Sorry Ron I did not take
your advice on no drinks.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yesterday was a nice day!

Friday I went to the gym with Shawn and did legs and shoulders.  I had a really bad day there, I just could not do much of anything.

That night we went to Jimmy D's and I ended up drinking a bunch of beer.  It was fun.  This one guy I work with X girlfriend was there, she kept going on and on about him.  I never remember her being so hot!

Yesterday was a really nice day, it was somewhat sunny and it was in the 70s.  I started off the day by going to the mall to browse around for a bit, I needed to buy some new polos.  I drove there with the top down and it felt great.  I really miss being able to put the roof down, it is such a good feeling.
I cam home and then went to Skibo for back and tris.  That went much better than Friday.  After that I took a little nap and decided to go for a walk to browse around Squirrel Hill and get some dinner.  I went to the library and to Avalon.  Did not find anything at either place.  I had a wrap at Taza 21 which is a great Middle Eastern wraps place.  I really like there food.  I had a tilapia wrap with all kinds of other good stuff in it.  Everything is homemade fresh.  You get to pick from chips or cucumber sauce to go with the wrap and I picked cucumber sauce.  I ate it outside, since it was so nice.

After diner I made a quick stop at my favorite coffee shop 61C Cafe for a iced late.  Then I returned home for a shower and yet another nap.
I took a quick stop at Dave and Andy's before going to Shawn's for some ice cream.  We had a nice leisurely night outside at Double Wide Grill and had some good beers instead of downing cheep ones like the night before.

Today I woke up at 9 AM (which was really like 8 because of changing the clocks.)  Went to the gym with Shawn and felt like elbows are acting up again.  Hopeful the week off in North Carolina will do me some good in that area.
Later today I am going home to drop off the Saturn for inspection while I am away.  I hope it passes.  I don't like the noise that it is making.

That is all for now, next post will probably be from Raleigh!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Political Correctness

Funny email that I got about being politically correct.  Haha
Due to the climate of political correctness now pervading America , Kentuckians, Tennesseans and West Virginians will no longer be referred to as'HILLBILLIES.'

You must now refer to them as

And furthermore ... 


1. She is not a 'BABE' or a 'CHICK' -
She is a

2. She is not ' EASY ' -
She is

3. She is not a 'DUMB BLONDE' -
She is a

4. She has not 'BEEN AROUND' -
She is a

5. She does not 'NAG' you -
She becomes  ' VERBALLY REPETITIVE.'  

6. She is not a 'TWO-BIT HOOKER' -
She is a


1. He does not have a 'BEER GUT' -
He has developed a

2. He is not a 'BAD DANCER' -

3. He does not 'GET LOST ALL THE TIME' -

4. He is not 'BALDING' - He is in

5. He does not act like a 'TOTAL ASS' -
He develops a case of

6. It's not his 'CRACK' you see
hanging out of his pants -

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baker/Porter Hall

These are some cool pictures a took at Baker and Porter Hall today.  They are some of the older buildings on CMU's campus.  I love old buildings, they are so much cooler and more detailed than new ones.

Looking up the staircase:

Looking at the staircase:

Baker Hall looking down to Porter Hall:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Saturn

I think something is wrong with my Saturn SL-II. It is making strange noises when I turn or speed up like something is loose. I hope it ends up not being a big deal. The car needs inspected this month so I'm gonna take it in and see what they say. I'm keeping my figures crossed that it won't be expensive! I need that car because I am not driving the Mustang into Oakland and parking it on the street. Probably not a good idea. I am also holding off on getting the registration till then too just in case. The in April I get to inspect the much fun. Cars are a pain in the ass.

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea is good stuff.

Monday, March 2, 2009

No Snow!

So glad we did not get any of the snow the east coast did. I don't think we ever get that lucky. It was really cold today but that is okay, as long as we don't have to deal with all the snow. Looking forward to the 50s over the weekend.

Food for Thought

I have a bunch of random things to blog about from this weekend.  Friday was HCI happy hour at Shady Grove.  The food was pretty good, especially the roasted red pepper hummus!  I had three different kind of beers, first Magic Hat number 9 which I really liked, then a Guiness, and finally Peak Organic Pale Ale which I was not very happy with.  Overall it was a good happy hour.  It was nice to spend some time with the people in my program since I don't get to do that very much.

Saturday I had a team meeting that started out at Crépes for breakfast on South Craig Street.  It was awesome as usual.  I haven't been there in a long time.  Here is Varnali preparing her Café au late:

When the food came it looked so good.  I had a café au lait and a black forest (dark chocolate and raspberries) crép.  They were both awesome!

Then after our meeting went to the Pete for a very tiring workout of chest and bis.

For lunch I made a cross between a regular, cajon chicken, and buffalo chicken pizza.  It was pretty good:

I had some all natural root beer which I have been wanting to have for a while too mmm...

I met Amanda and her friend at Silky's in Bloomfield to wtach Pitt win over Seaton Hall.  I liked the bar there:

Today I went home to help my mom setup her USB record player she got from Woot!  It was pretty cool.  It turns records into MP3s and automatically imports them in to iTunes.  Now she can put all of her albums on her iPod.  Once I got home I did laundry which sucked as usual...