Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

Not much to say here!  I went to happy hour with Amanda to Mad Mex.  Had an awesome margarita and an okay chicken quesadilla (now I remember why I don't order those very often from there.)  We had a good time and that ended up being the highlight of my weekend.  After that I went home and decided to watch a movie from Netflix, Natural born Killers. it was okay.  By that time a had a bit of a head ache from the tequila and beer and did not feel like going out so I went to bed at 10:30!

Had a group meeting at 10 on Saturday, then went to the Pitt game with Jason.  We were supposed to have court-side seats with free food but it ended up only be regular seats, which was fine it was still fun.  We ended up sitting next to Melissa Hart, I don't like her because all of her commercials are negative, my favorite one is the one where she says if you vote for Jason Altmire, your house will explode.  Of course after the game I did not do anything since it was Valentine's Day and as usual I had no one to spend it with.  I ended up watching Roman Holiday on On Demand and went to bed around 12.  I know this weekend was so lame, I hate Valentine's Day.

Today I got up and was at work by 7:30 for the maintenance window.  Everything went as planned for the most part so I was out of there by 10 which was nice.  Went to the gym today also and did legs.  Before lifting with legs it was day three of my "Am am going to be a runner program."  Shawn had to talk me into going on the treadmill today, but I did.  I walked 1:30 and ran 1:00 back and forth for 30 minutes for a total of a little over 2 miles.  I know that is pretty pathetic but it is a start I guess.  Hopefully I will get better soon because I feel like a big looser walking on the treadmill at the gym. On a positive note, I made it up to 185 on dead lifts today.  I had a project management group meeting tonight at 5 and we were outta there by 7 which was a nice surprise.  I love how non-HCI groups work quickly, although I cannot complain about my project group so far this semester our meetings never last really long [knocking on wood.]  An now I'm back at home and am probably going to pay some bills and enter receipts into Quicken.

Heres hoping that next weekend will be wild and out of control because this weekend surly was not and I need a little bit of that in my life right now.

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