Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Me Elbows are Fixed!

Bar Room
Friday night we went out to Bar Room for all you can drink 8-10 for $10. Not a bad deal. We ended up staying a little longer than that. I saw Dave and Randie there too. It was Randie's bachelor party. It was good to see them. I need to plan a night to hang out with the boys from GBG sometime soon. After Bar Room Shawn, Kara, her sister, and I went to Southside for some more drinks. After the girls decided to go to Mario's me and Shawn went back to Kara's. I then went to get a bus and of course it never showed up. I had to take a cab back to Oakland then drive back to Squirrel Hill only to find no close parking spaces. I was not happy.

Nate's Birthday
Saturday I drove to Maryland for Nate's 7th birthday party. It was nice to see the fam although I was in somewhat of a strange mood the whole time and I am not even sure why. I ended up taking my grandma home afterwords back to Monroeville. When I was almost home, I got pulled over for speeding! I was so pissed, this is the first ticket I've had since I was in high school. At least the cop was cool and did not write my actual speed on the ticket. I just got something about not following a traffic control device. No points. :-)

Charlie Murdock's
After the ticket fiasco I went out to Charlie Murdock's and could not stop thinking about the stupid ticket for a long time. After I had enough drinks though I started to have fun and forgot about the ticket for a little while. I was a pretty good time. This is the first time I was there that I did not have to worry about driving home in a long time.

Nothing very special happened on Sunday. Grocery shopping and cardio by day, SoLearn meeting by night.

Bench Press
Yesterday I decided would be a good time to see if my elbow was cured from lifting and it was! I actually got to do chest. I was pretty happy so I should be back to a normal lifting schedual now. We'll see how things go today once I do triceps.

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