Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lifting Blues

So for the past couple of times I have been at the gym, my elbows (of all things) are killing me.  I don't know what is going on.  I've been making some great progress and maybe I just need a rest but it is killing me to take it easy when I am there.  It seams like any time I extend my arm out like in a bench press for example at the very top of the exercise my elbows just really start to hurt...weird!  Shawn seams to think it is fatigued triceps and he is probably right, I just need to not work them for a few days, but that is easier said than done, I am addicted to going to the gym, I am turning into one of those people who have to go all the time, but I just love being there, and I feel gross if I don't go.

Today Shawn was talking about training for a 5k this spring which I would love to do only it involves running.  I always want to start running, but I never do because I am not good at it, but I am going to try doing Paul's ankle exercises and run on the treadmill much more often to see if I can change that.  I would really like to not only do the 5k but also be able to call myself a runner.

Today I booked my flight and room for Las Vegas for Sara's wedding in May.  We are flying US Airways and staying at the Flamingo.  I was originally just going to go with Erin since neither one of us have dates but then she asked Lauren to go so I thought I should as well even if it was not a "date."  I asked Shawn who might come but already had plans to possibly go with some people from PT so I asked my brother and we will be going together.  I hope that the PT crew does come though, it will be fun having a bunch of people there that we know.

That's it for now, I need to go rest up these elbows!  haha  :-)

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