Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Great Protein Shake!

Today was a busy day.  Had a bunch of stuff to run around and do this morning such as cramming in some reading which I should have done last night while watching The Godfather with Shawn and Kara (I finally saw it!) getting my blood taken at 7:30 AM at Quest Diagnostic to go along with my annual physical, doing some PPG work, then meeting with my project management group to work on my final project (due tonight at 12 AM...still working on it via email with the group)  I had class and some meetings then came back and did some more PPG things.

Today was kinda crappy while at the gym but afterwords I felt like I had a decent workout at least.  It started off bad with me doing terrible on the treadmill but Shawn did bad too so I suppose we are just running too much.  Then intervals pretty much kicked my ass.
By the time we got to power cleans I was spent.  When I came home I had the best 
protein shake, it had:
  • Skim milk (forgot to include in the picture)
  • Vanilla Muscle Milk
  • Creatine
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Coconut extract
I made this the other day without the coconut, and it was good, but man the coconut extract made this great!

Also today I finished my mom's pepperoni bread...this time she used hot pepper cheese, I really liked that new addition.
I need to get back to this project now.  I am waiting to see what the rest of the groups thinks so far before I can submit the final copy.  Then I have a final in this class one week from today, I can't believe the class is over already!  These minis are crazy, first time I ever took one.

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Brad said...

"Where's the fuckin' protein, Ma!?"