Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fuck the Steeler's Parade!

Wow, what a Terrible afternoon!!

Man...where do I even begin?  It all started when I went down to see the parade.  I went downstairs around 12 to go check things out.  When I got to the street there was absolutely nowhere to go, the crowed was packed a block deep up to the road, there was no squeezing through.  I tried to go down a few streets but that did not help either, I just figured whatever, I will just go back to the office and watch this thing online which I did on WTAE's website.  After watching for a little bit I found out why I could not find a space...there were 300,000 people Downtown for this thing.  No big deal, I watched it online and it was not that great anyways.

Throughout the afternoon I was getting a little nervous that I might not be able to get a bus home, so I called Port Authority and they said no problem I would be perfectly fine at 4:00...right...this is what I saw out the window:

Well, as time went on, things looked okay outside so I stopped worrying about it.  I went outside to the bus stop and realized that the Boulevard of the Allies was closed, 2 hours after the parade was over right in the middle of rush hour!!  I knew this was not going to be good.  I stated walking up Forbes to see if I could catch the bus somewhere else and that road was closed too!  I walked the whole way up to Chattem Center and waited 15 or so more minutes for my bus, then wouldn't you know Forbes opened and the bus continued the rest of the way into town very very slowly.  We finally made it back to the Boulevard and it was closed still!  We circled around Downtown TWO MORE time trying to find a way out then finally we made it on to the Boulevard and came to a dead stop in front of the YMCA for 10 MINUTES!  I literally bit my hand (hard) on the bus I was so mad.  After being on the bus for about 45 minutes, we finally made it out of town.  With all of the waiting and driving around it took me 1 1/2 hours to get back to Squirrel Hill which is 5 miles away!  I was so mad because I missed getting to workout with Shawn for the first time in like a month and I really wanted a spotter today.

When I got home I screamed as loud as I could  AHHHHHHHH!  I figured I was going to go burn all of this anger at the gym even if it was at shitty Skibo by myself.  I got to Skibo and no parking spaces...DAMN IT!  I was so mad that I was pounding the steering wheel so hard (FUCK!!!!!!) and before I knew it I was on my way back home as fast as I could drive.  After arriving in front of my apartment I just stopped and put my head on the steering wheel for a minute...breath Nick...  I turned around and calmly drove back to the gym and luckily found a space right up front.

I had the best workout after all of that!  man I did great, I benched 205 for 9/ 1/2 reps my first set so that really got me motivated to do good for the rest of my workout which I did and finally started to feel better about the day.  Man I feel GREAT now, what a good workout!  Let this be a lesson to myself and anyone else that when you are really pissed, go directly to the gym, not only will you have a great workout, you will make your worries disappear.

Sorry for all the negatives in this post, I was just really looking forward to having a spotter/workout buddy again today so I could have a good lift, and I just really started to flip out, man was I stressed!  And it turns out I had a great workout anyway :-)

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