Monday, January 5, 2009

The Weekend

Last night was fun, I got to hang out with a bunch of high school friends that I don't get to see very often.  We had dinner at Kaya and it was really good.  I been wanting to try that place for a while now and was glad that I finally got to.  To the right is a picture from last night.  Sorry, the only one that I had with everyone in it was the one in the "smoking section!" haha :-)  I forgot how much I hate being around smoke so much.  Pretty much everyone I hang out with now on a regular basis does not smoke at all.  I wish I could convince these guys to do the same as is so unhealthy!

Today my grandma wanted to take me out to dinner so we went to the new Chinese buffet that Megan suggested and she was right, it is pretty good.  One thing I really liked was this thing called a "Love Flower" it was this filo dough crust filled with some kind of egg custard...mmmm.  Then my grandma got a craw fish and she had no idea what it was...I told her she had to pull off the head, legs, and exoskeleton before she could eat it.  She had no idea and was cracking me up as she was pulling the thing apart.  After a whole bunch of work she took one little bite, made a terrible face and spit it out.  She said that is lousy.  O well it was funny to watch.  Picture of said specimen to the right.

Tomorrow starts my first day back to fake school.  I have to take a one week stats class as part of a prereq from 9-4 all week.  I will be working remotely during that time.  One thing that I am really excited for though it the opening of Trees tomorrow!!!!!!  I cannot wait to go in and have an awesome workout tomorrow and all week.  I feel like such shit since the gym has been closed for so long.  But for right now dinner is almost done so I am out.

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