Friday, January 9, 2009

Week Wrap Up

This week has been alright.  I had to go to stats class each day to stratify a prereq it was from 9-4 each day, but we got out a little bit early at least.  I don't really like missing that much work, but I am staying up to date for the most part remotely.  One cool thing about spending the days in Oakland is that I got to stop into Faculty Records at Pitt to see Carol and some of the old crew...those were the days, back at old faculty records!  haha :-)

The gym has been great except for all of the New Years resolution people.  Monday it was packed but the other days were not too bad.  Shawn hurt himself while squatting today so hopefully that injury won't be too bad and set him back too much.

Saturday is Erin's birthday and I am hosting a pre-game party at my place.  It will be nice to have people over again, have not had people for a while, I better clean this place up some!

Stats test tomorrow and that is one more thing I have checked off of my masters to-do list.  Then real classes start Monday, but I am not thinking about that right now!

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