Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Monday

Sitting here in the lab waiting to start my group meeting for the day. I hope this week goes by fast, I am pretty excited for the super bowl and a Steeler's victory!

Yesterday the rents came to visit for the first time in a long time. We went to Trader Joe's and Right by Nature then had lunch at Fuel and Fuddle. I finally got to show them the lab too (not that it is that exciting!) I am pretty proud of them too because they decided to join a gym. I hope they keep at it and not be like all of the new years resolution people (who are STILL at Skibo by the way and really starting to piss me off, they just stand around in big groups.) Anyway, mom and dad joined a new gym in Irwin that is a converted movie theater. They only have to pay $15/month...for life! Must be nice...

I'm still keeping at it with working out everyday that I have free time. It kinda sucks since Shawn hurt himself and I don't have a partner anymore. Hopefully he will be better soon so we can start working out together again soon. I don't push myself hard enough when I am by myself, although I have been making a few decent gains. O and Friday is was warm enough for me to go in shorts and a hoodie! Man I can wait until winter in over.

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