Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day of spring classes.  First I had Project Management.  It is a class I am taking in the Heinz School and do not know anyone in the class.  At first I thought I would take this class only because it would be useful in my job, I never really understood why anyone would need to waste time on planing a project.  After meeting the teacher and listening to the first lecture, I think this will be a good class.  She is pretty interesting and seams to like what she does (which is always a great quality to have in a teacher.)  I found out that there will be a lot of true cases that we will be learning about so that should be good, one of them is about the Petersen Events Center.  The second class was HCI Project...I already knew this was going to be a time consumer.  Today I found out in addition to going to class and meeting with my group I have to have a weekly meeting with my professors and a weekly meeting with my clients!  Wow, this is going to eat up a lot of time.  The one project that I wanted to do (I think it had to do with Highmark) was no longer an options.  I made my first choice in project be with salesforce.com.  It sounded pretty cool.  I talked to Ceren about the project tonight and she said it should be a great project and that I should try to get it.  I let her know I already made it my number one.

Today I also go to experience New Year's Resolution Day round two.  Since it was the first day of classes everyone was at the gym.  I was in the Skibo Weight Room and it was packed with so many people that I never saw before.  This was worse than Trees was because most of these people had absolutely no idea what the fuck they were doing.  People were standing in front of machines that they were not using, doing exercises totally wrong, and just plain being in the way (I swear all half of the people were doing was talking!)  One guy actually did curls about 6 inches (no lie) from the bench that I was trying to dumbbell bench press on.  At lease I decided to wait to go until a little before 6.  After I was half way through my workout the crowd became much more manageable.  I can't wait until a few more weeks when all of these stupid people give up on there resolutions and stick with being super skinny or super fat.  I know it sounds mean but there just is not enough room and most people just do not have the dedication.

Tomorrow I physically go back to work for the first time since January 2nd!  I have been working remotely due to that stats class I had to take last week and today because of the first day of real school.  I am ready to go back.  I feel bad for being away from my team for that long.  Also I found out my new computer with 22" monitor came in today, so I will be looking forward to setting that up.

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