Thursday, September 25, 2008


OMG Mancini's just opened a store Downtown in the old Jenny Lee Backery!

I Miss Summer Already

I cant't believe that it is already fall! Man did this summer go by fast. It is already dark in the morning when I wake up to go to work. Temperature wise it has been okay still during the day, nights are a little chilly, and mornings are cold. I know this is nothing compaired to winter but it makes me think the it is not that far away.

I failed my first group methods homework yesterday which was a little disapointing and somewhat surprising. I have a test coming up on Monday that I guess I better study for now. I'm not too concerned about this first homework...there is nothing I can do about it now anyways. John said that this was the hardest so that is good to know. I have a feeling life is going to start to get crazy again. These last two weeks have been kinda nice but we'll have to see how it will go from here. Either way I'll get though it.


It's good to be back at Trees.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life Update

I started my second and (hopefully) final year of grad school at CMU. I am in a project group that is working with robots so I finally get to tell people that I work with robots, even though everyone automatically assumes that anyway when I tell them I am in HCI at CMU. That project finally started to pickup and we are able to get data from multiple sources.

Work is going well. I am starting some work on a customized portal that will allow employees to see things specific to their job and hide other items that are not relevant to them. It has been a slow start but I should be getting a pilot started soon in Ohio.

Weekend life has been good so far this semester not too much worlk. I hope that will last. I went to Octoberfest last weekend which was really fun, check Facebook for pictures.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Robot City

Sent from my iPhoneSunday I got to go to the old Jones and Locklin Steel Mill brownfield
site which CMU now has a place call Robot City for testing of robots.
The robots were really cool but I was really interested in all of the
history in the buildings that I was standing in. You could still see a
lot of the old infristructure like rail lines and old buildings. It
was really cool and I would not mind going back at some point.