Friday, August 8, 2008


Heeeeeeeeeelllooo!! This post is dedicated to all of my avid NASA readers. Thanks for the support guys and sorry my posts slowed down I diddn't think I had many readers but now that I know I will continue with all of my random posts. Here is one I wanted to do the other day...

I was on the bus in the morning on my way to work as usual accept it was really really cold for some reason. It was so cold that when I got off of the bus my glasses fogged up! Isn't that only supposed to happen in the winter when your going from outside to inside, not the other way around in the summer? Turn your damn air conditioner down!

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Brad said...

That totally happens to me too, but only when the AC is pointing right at my face or is otherwise extremely cold.

Your blog is the best, Nick. Keep up the good work!