Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Long Walk

Sunday I was finally able to do something that I haven't gotten to do in a long time, go on a nice long random walk. I started out by walking through Schenley Park to Schenley Plaza to see the yard sale they were having (I was not impressed.) I ended seeing Lauren sunbathing in the lawn while she was studying. After that I walked to Pitt's upper campus...wow a lot has changed. The UMPC has a bunch of new signs as well as the university, hills around the Pete are all landscaped, there is a new dormn Panther Hall, and Trees is under construction. I was curious about the area behind Trees (as I always have been) but decided not to go up because of the "no trespassing" signs. I then took the walk around the building to The Hill and started up to Center Ave. I then decided to take some random steps up to another section of The Hill. I walked for a while and ended up seeing some nice houses (beind the Mariott) and the took some more steps down to North Oakland. I was about to walk back home when I thought I should try Oh Ya. I walked to Shadyside and it was well worth the walk...chocolate ice cream,vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream, fresh espresso grinds, ground oreo, and crushed pepperint...great! Then I headed home through Chattam University and all the awesome houses up there back home to Squirrel Hill. It ended up being a nice three hour walk but my legs were pretty tired afterword. Hope to take another random walk to some other random locations sometime soon!

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