Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time to go back already

Well my "summer vacation" is almost over.  This week went by too fast!  I was a little disappointed that it was so cold and rainy the whole time but what are you going to do?  I did get to see a bunch of people that I never get to see though.  I had dinner with Jess, Amy, and Mike at Qdoba on Monday, I had dinner with Angela on Tuesday at Cuzumel and then we went to see Jackie and Madalynn.  I picked up Gernelle from the airport on Thursday and got some cool British birthday presents from her.  Went out with the PT crew Friday and Saturday and today Sara is making me dinner at her new house.  Tomorrow school resumes with a meeting for my group study at 9:30..still have to schedule a meeting for my independent study hopefully for Monday as well.  Grad school is almost 1/2 over!  :-)

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