Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

This weekend was pretty good. I got to go to one of my favorite restaurants twice! Spice Island Teahouse :-) I could eat there every day check it out if you ever around Atwood Street in Oakland, it may look shady from the outide but trust me when I say if you go inside you will not be disapointed. We went to Charlie Merdock's again but this time with more MHCIers. It was a great time we even got Gernelle up on the stage doing i'm a little tea pot for her birthday haha. Got to drive to my parents and ack yesterday with the top down (with the heat on high and my coat on of curse) that was nice I can't wait for warm weather. Easter dinner was pretty good I just wish that it wasn't as rushed as it was...damn you PUI! Angela made a surprise appearance which made me really happy. All and all it was a good weekend.

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